Features auto insurance in Russia

Features auto insurance in Russia

Every car enthusiast dreams of the beautiful, grated to shine car. But in reality, to behold such car in most cases only in the automotive interior. Daily routine constantly remind us that there are scratches and cracks, that there are "tea" on the roads, parking by practicing sound and that there are so called "Kulibina" trying to infiltrate into the car on their own. It is also necessary to take into account the elements of nature, sometimes fiercely, destroying all their possessions "overwork." Of course, all this can not affect the state of car owners. Because there is the usual solution — motor insurance. But insurance can hurt banging on the pocket of the motorist, as it costs a lot. All the more often it happens that at a suitable means of a suitable amount may not be available.

Now all motorists to obtain insurance CTP, because the government made it mandatory. Certainly, it is necessary to insure proper car, but for all that insurance must provide all aspects, in other words, should be good. In addition, the cost of insurance must match its quality.
The main aspect of these insurance policies is that they help solve prepyadstviya on someone else's car in the event of your guilt. But there are times when you become a member of an accident case and your not at fault, in that case, you most likely will have to fight for it to compensate for damage with the insurance company of the perpetrator of an accident. If the damage to a huge amount, and culprit CTP has no extension, it will have to fight with yourself is the culprit. This area has a lot of stones falling, that's the uniqueness of. If you look at the world practice, in similar situations, the victim will certainly receive a refund of his own company, the decision as to all aspects of disputes and will be engaged in insurance companies, with no role culprit.

There is in this case the candidate: get insurance CASCO. But will solve all problems? Not always. In the middle hull pros can distinguish the subsequent: this insurance decides prepyadstviya related to stealing the car, its theft, damage gained from hail, falling objects, icicles, etc. It will help in the event of a fire, flood or other natural disaster, in the case of illegal acts of hooliganism, in the case of damage to the car in an accident, if the culprit is you or you are completely innocent.

Now for the minuses hull. There are only two, but they are essential. In 1-x, you have to pay a huge sum of money, and in-2, you will be required to install only certain types of alarms.

In any case, you need to weigh the pros and cons, and only later have to make a decision about car insurance.

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