Final defeat may be after August 2012

In one week, lost his post three commanders in chief of Russian Armed Forces. In this case, Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky and Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin, unlike Chief of Ground Forces Colonel General Alexander Postnikov dismissed. How can you explain the consequences of similar personnel policies? This topic of conversation columnist "military-industrial complex" with the Army General Peter Dejnekin. He was commander in chief of the Air Force from 1991 to 1998.

— Peter S., the new commander of the Air Force became a major-general. At the moment, not on the identity and qualifications of the person, but the fact of the nomination of the commander with the rank of general in the primary so the top job. Have there been similar precedents in the history of military aviation of the USSR and Russia?
— The issue of appointments to senior positions is not considered without taking into account the personal and business properties of the candidates. For this reason, I wish to highlight that the new Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev decent track list. After graduating from the Higher Military Aviation School named after Valery Chkalov it (as one of the best graduates) was left in him as an instructor pilot and four years later commanded a squadron. After studying at the Air Force Academy named after Gagarin couple of years in command of the Guards of the Order of Suvorov, twice Red Banner Attack Aviation Regiment. As the Marshal Zhukov, the main step in the military service — is the position of commander of the regiment.

Viktor Bondarev showed the highest combat skills during the military operations in the North Caucasus, for which he was awarded the "Gold Star" Hero of the Russian Federation. He is holder of the Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces", "For Military Merit" with blades and Courage. Proved himself worthy and during the Russian-Georgian conflict, where our attack planes have played an important role. And there is no hesitation in the fact that the personnel of the Air Force Commander to that biography is not a cause for respect.

And the fact that he was Major-General — it's not his fault, and his superiors. Or a consequence of a policy that is carried out in respect of certain long ranks and titles. The fact is that the shoulder straps is Bondarev Maj. Gen. seven years — from 2005. Command of the Air Force and Air Defence Association in the Urals and as chief of the Head of Staff of the Air Force, he was worthy of the assignment of regular military ranks, but the point is here, is not clear.

In general, the new commander in chief in this regard is not alone.

The commander of Air Force aircraft distant AD Zhiharev is too long straps on the shoulders of major general. Together with the fact in the history of our aircraft were shining examples of the debt with a very moderate military ranks.

— Who would you name as an example?
— The first in the country three times Hero of the Russian Union of AI Pokryshkin came into aviation technician senior lieutenant-colonel and finished the war in the position of division commander. Even President Truman recognized it not only an outstanding ace, and professional aviation commander, but another military rank of Major-General Marshal future Pokryshkin was only in 1953, eight years after the war ended.

Final defeat may be after August 2012

And twice Hero of the Russian Union (the second "Star" he received in December 1942) and the far-famed aviator aviation AI Molodchiy twice represented the third "Golden Star" (at the end of the third and the first 40 40 4th), but Alexander Ignatievich Molodchy and finished the war in the skies of Berlin twice Hero. These facts about the unfair and callous attitude even to such outstanding people, and there are many examples.

In the late 30's to manage aviation military districts have appointed Heroes Spain Anatoly Serov Rychagova and Paul, Peter and Eugene Pumpura Ptuhin. Unfortunately, they do not have time for a couple of years before the war rise to the level of large military leaders, but were repressed in concert with JI Alksnis, AD Loktionov, Y. Smushkevich, IO Proskurova and dozens of other control Air Force. For what sins, we do not understand to this day.

After such a firing mayhem Air Force personnel stand up for aviators became certain, and before the war graduates flight schools sent out to the troops sergeants. In the non-commissioned rank fought wars Ivan Kozhedub Alexander Warlocks, Alexander and Nikolai Efimov Skomorokhov. They have three times and two times Russian Union of Heroes, and after the war, and air marshals.

By the way, in the enemy's Luftwaffe aircraft squadron commanders (and in our opinion — divisions) were appointed by the Majors. It was deliberately taken Goering course the fact that these compounds are not headed elderly colonels — veterans of the First World War, and active military pilots. Having a significant advantage over the German air force in numbers, we have long struggled with it for supremacy in the air, but were able to achieve it exclusively in 1943.

So that personnel matters.

— But maybe the Air Force commander in chief now be finished quite highest?
— These questions appear at many. Commander of the Air Force — Major General, Commander of distant aircraft — Maj.-Gen. But incidentally in one structure — the commander of the regiment, and in others, even the heads of the press services — is also a major general. Are not deprived of the general's ranks and our Ministry of Emergency Situations. If this is substantiated by some conceptual gaze at the table of ranks in different departments, then all people would understand. But it is unclear why there are such here asymmetric approaches to the evaluation of the municipal employees?

— What, in your eyes, though you can explain the unexpected resignation of Alexander Zelin? How to appreciate the fact that he was fired in the centenary year of the Air Force and virtually certain number of days until the 59th day or birthday? Neuzh it was impossible to wait until that Colonel-General will be 60 years from now?
— I think that the main reason for dismissal Zelina is his disagreement with some of the military reform measures relating to the Air Force. Well, I consider myself to bringing down the level of the Air Force combat arms naikrupneyshey mistake that, God forbid, we may come back to haunt. This in-1-x. In-2, do not agree with the definition of "sudden resignation." So it would seem only from the outside.

Final defeat may be after August 2012Zelin, in my opinion, worthy of commanding the Air Force in the hard criteria of reform. Together with the fact that period coincided with the massive flow of municipal allocations to the Ministry of Defence and the defense industry, which allowed the Air Force Commander to do with the latest technology, the modernization of the fleet and weapons.

Noticeable that the Air Force sent a note to equip aircraft with modern complexes, the electrical equipment and precision instrument. This is very crucial since us for long years after Khrushchev's mayhem and failed to remove the backlog in these matters of military aircraft of the leading countries in the world.
As part of the aerodynamics and reliability of the engines, we do not give in to them, but airports, civilian aircraft and military aircraft of these powers are already equipped with systems that allow them to soar and land even in the fog. Unfortunately, we have to nedavneshnih has not been intensively work on improving the ability of aircraft and weapons. Funds are not enough even on foreign currency allowances to servicemen, but we got rockets in the target data up to a mobile phone.

At the moment, the situation changed. In the defense industry employs former Air Force Commander E. Shaposhnikov, V. Mikhailov. They understand what technique and tool needed modern aviation, and work on the topic.

Together so divide your position on the moral side of the issue. A year Zelin be sixty. At this age, dismissed all (almost) of his commanders, and this no one appears issues. Clicked in his time 60 years to the same Air Force Commander Dejnekin or, for example, Mikhailov — and thank you for the service, go to the in store. But do not give the person has served a few months before the centenary of the Air Force, and even more recently fired day or birthday … So in human terms are not available, even though the pill and sweetened destination Zelina advisor to the minister of defense.

— This is a reaction to the critical comments that dared to voice Zelin?
— Round-up 2011 school year in the Armed Forces of the evidence, that the issue of Zelina could not come off the cuff. After all, the first low blows were applied to the Air Force before — even if disbanding 2-academies and the Central Command Fri (CCT) Air Force. And the abolition of NBI chief commander virtually removed from the control of military aviation. Neuzh there no one thinks of the common truth that the daily activities of the Air Force (as opposed to ordinary military service) is associated with continuous monitoring and control system? You can not forget about it, otherwise the authorities will again have to manage the troops with the help of mobile phones.

— And on what basis now, in your opinion, should be assigned to the military ranks?
— If it were up to me, would be appropriated military ranks directly to the purpose of the post. If the new commander in chief of Air Force and Navy entrust the management of these types of armed forces, why would they not immediately assign those titles which they are entitled according to his post? So incidentally is done in the armies of other countries. The very military chain of command assumes that the head should not be a slave to it in an equal rank.

But it's not in rank, and in respect, trust, respect for the man. The case has passed, but the president of Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin during the rest of Chupa majestically near Petrozavodsk twice invited me to an interview. Supreme commander in chief of the Air Force shared with their concerns and vision of what is happening in the country. I am deeply offended that someone overseas has caused, how many and in what region of the Russian Federation directly should we have planes, tanks, missiles and other military equipment. How humiliating for all sovereign country with the majestic history, with an army that possesses nuclear weapon …

— And why is that happening?
— As close to Yeltsin were experts not only on the rough privatization of state assets, and to defeat our armed forces, especially the Air Force. I was a deputy of the State Duma, was not a member of the Federation Council, has not served in the General Staff, but the Air Force Commander (at that time we had 5 of the Armed Forces) Boris twice invited to an interview. Why? It remains a mystery to me. But we aircraft with Defense Minister Grachev, PS while defended.

I take this opportunity to intercede before then Supreme Commander and the conferment AVKvashnin (it was just appointed chief of the General Staff) rank of Army General. Reported that in the army there are traditions that are better respected. And if Kvashnin — my boss, his rank should be higher than the subordinates.

— Now, it seems, there is a tendency — dropping cleanly and job categories in the Armed Forces. Although other law enforcement agencies for some reason this does not happen. How to explain this?
— I is puzzling is that the Defense Ministry did not explain the nature of the public resonance of solutions out there that are accepted. If a Arbat Square announced publicly that from now implemented the concept of lower military ranks that the command of divisions and brigades will Majors battalions — captains rotami — sergeants, then everything would be clear. Yes there rank and position. Former commander of the Air Force (and they, along with who joined us Zelin has six of them, and all are in good health!) Never invited to the Board on the plans of our Air Force. So ignoring the experience of previous generations of neglect and traditions that have developed in the Air Force for the past 100 years, is (to put it mildly) a marked lack of understanding of not only me.

— But the rise in military pensions shows concern about officers, veterans of the Army and Navy?
— It is for this case to government officials and the Ministry of Defence thank you so much. Made a lot in relation to housing, and the growth of foreign exchange for servicemen. For this reason, in recent years for young people has increased the attractiveness of military specialties, not excluding the profession aviator.

— And yet, many believe that the ongoing reforms of the Armed Forces — one of the most successful in the history of the army and navy. And if you compare our country's air force on 1.1.1988 (before scaling transformations), and on 1.5.2012, what would you say about the combat and operational capabilities of the air force?
— Good question. Many believe the reform a success, so read you. But at least people say that it caused severe damage to the combat power of the Russian Armed Forces. By the end of the 80th Air Force really have gained our own highest power and kept it until the collapse of the Russian Union. We were then in the world not only feared, and respected. And we always found a decent answer possible to the enemy. When in the middle of the 80 U.S. medium-range missiles positioned along our western borders, and land-based cruise missile type GLKM — in the UK, Italy and West Germany, the planes of our distant aircraft appeared in the sky off the coast of America. This has caused great concern there, as the U.S. is always relaxed holed up at home beyond the seas, oceans.

At this point, I doubt that we will be able in the current state of the Air Force to properly respond to such calls. This applies to the deployment of missile defense systems, and other threats. I am a supporter of not only the management of all types of intelligence and electronic warfare, and fire damage possible opponent. With all due respect to the defense and keeping eyes on the development of ASD, is convinced that we will never win the war and do not win, if we only deal with defense. Air, mine, anti-tank, antilanding. Though what. And Russian economy will not sustain if Let us cover the whole area of the country from St Petersburg to Sakhalin.

Because we can not forget about such attacks (and not dormant) as the armed forces, which is a strike aircraft.

As for the state of today's Air Force, they are, of course, obviously inferior to the operational capacity of the Russian Air Force.

— Was it necessary to reorganize so harshly illustrious Air Force Academy — Zhukovsky and Gagarin. In this way, one might as well read about their disappearance. Although other power structures is nothing like having the higher education institutions is not happening.
— Answer. Reforming the system of military education in the Air Force (and not only) was carried out brutally, crudely and in a short time. Such defeat of aeronautical science in days of peace I do not remember since Khrus
hchev. And what's the hurry? At first it was safe (and it should be noted, fair) combining the above 2-academies into one. At the same time leaving them with noble titles — Zhukovsky and Gagarin. But before the new military university started, as it was transformed in the Voronezh Institute. I give tribute to the feat of the chief of the Institute, the accomplishments of the training base for the equipment and the provision of housing for families of full-time employees. But the Air Force Academy named after Gagarin in Monino near Moscow on its territory in 1940, had the necessary infrastructure for the training of aviation engineers. In Zhukovsky Academy students had the opportunity to undergo training on all types of aircraft and helicopters, even without going to the troops. Excellent work and simulator training base.

Command Air Force Academy (since 1968 — Yuri Gagarin) gave higher military education seven hundred and forty-Russian Union of Heroes, 30, nine of them received the title twice. As they walked in the parade on Red Square, the thunder of applause from the crowd drowned out a thousand copper pipes combined brass band. But our heroic past some reformers on the drum, and the parade May 9, 2012, we can only build on the aviation front payment of Voronezh aviation college students and a few helicopters with banners. I would have shared their sights on the 2-union academies Air Force One, but how they are going to the same high school cook and driver-tankers, and forecasters, and division commanders? Excuse me. I believe that such a transformation is very wrong, and it's not too late to correct.

— The Academy of the General Staff of the department is no longer operational art of the Air Force, as well as the Armed Forces practically no operational units, as well as the modalities of their implementation. It turns out that the Air Force is no more and operational art?
— I will say this, that after the elimination of the departments of operational art in the Air Force aircraft were still operational formations and the means and operational art. I mean the distant aircraft, and military transport aircraft, which are more or less decently retain its organizational structure and management system. They and the Ministry of Defence for the near future just occurred in the best way.

As for tactical aircraft and spray it to the military districts, then only with the gaze of General Staff strongly disagree.

When those remaining very moderate forces, and as it should, and combat abilities of tactical aircraft, we can not be strong at all prototype bolshennyh Russian theaters. Eagerness to be strong everywhere leads to the inevitable weakening. As can be seen, the Air Force must be kept in one fist and used where hot.

But if the air regiments (or air bases, as they are called at the moment) are subject to the commanders of military districts, the Air Force Commander as can conduct combat skills with those structures that are not subordinate to him? This is nonsense.

We should not look down upon the lessons of pre-war and post-war reforms. The leaders of the country and the Armed Forces have to teach them not to repeat the mistakes of the past. No matter what reform should be carried out with care for people and maintaining combat power, not its downfall.

In that period, which is called stagnation, our air force did not know of stagnation. We did not lag behind, but catching up with America and have made great strides to aircrafts fourth generation. And in recent years aired another acceleration — is to create machines fifth generation.

— When, in your opinion, after such destruction can occur revival of military science Air Force?
— Military idea can shoot, but can not be destroyed. Even when we are asphyxiating underfunding, our scientists and the defense continued to work on new engines, materials and means of destruction and navigation. Because military aviation science has not died and will be rehabilitated. I have no doubt that in the middle of our military and scientific capacity is a lot of thought and breakthrough technologies.

Unfortunately, the adoption of global standards in education leads to the fact that the best graduates of Russian universities are leaving their historic homeland and the "brain drain" lasts. We prepare many students for the municipal funds and their after school for free pick up Western companies, but the players for CSKA we buy abroad for millions.

— Contribute to whether the latest configuration in the Air Force development of military thought in this kind of the Armed Forces?
— Of course not, which is cleverly told in number 19 of the newspaper "military-industrial complex." I'm sharing it is expressed there views of professionals.

— Can we say that the Air Force as the Armed Forces in fact ceased to exist other day own century?
— The other day — no. They will not dare. But I'm close to the idea that the end of the defeat of the Air Force of the Armed Forces as may occur after celebrating their centenary. And if the release of Commander of the Air Force and Navy from the post for them personally, the elimination of the Air Force — a threat to state security in the military sphere.

Presidential Decree of March 13 this year on honoring the century of military aviation at the municipal level, while holding back the reformers. They have to wait when will Ilyin day (August 2), also prazdnichek air show in Zhukovsky near Moscow. In the unlikely event, the topic could be closed even earlier.

Now all hope of the Supreme Commander.

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