Fire at the headquarters. Ukraine, frozen at the crossroads between Russia and the European Union

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Fire at the headquarters.  Ukraine, frozen at the crossroads between Russia and the European Union

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This article — an attempt to understand the scenario with you the best of our future, where we can not get there, just in time strolling into a historical dead end. First, we are interested in Ukraine, frozen at the crossroads between Russia and the European Union. Certain country with people living under intolerable pressure load problems, besides the head with vivid personalities.

To begin with, we would try to make a portrait of Ukraine. Countries that or going or not going to be built, or Russia, or the European Union. But if on the Ukrainian "path to Europe" speech sounds incessantly, the stern conversation about the Alliance Ukraine and Russia is somehow stealthily, slowly and almost resignedly, although the theme of each month is becoming more urgent. Invite readers to submit Ukraine without retouching.

-Independent Ukraine — is a fragment of Russian civilization. When the USSR collapsed Alliance, a country inhabited by 52 million people. Now — from 38 to 40 million, according to various estimates. Abroad, there are more than 6.5 million holders of passports with Ukrainian citizenship, and there is still unknown number of half-brothers and sisters, who were citizens of the Russian and later became citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. More than 6 million Ukrainian people died (more politically correct term does not exist — for the twentieth anniversary of independence. This figure covers the most gloomy characteristics of loss of population due to the Famine of 1933 to 3-5 times!

Modern Ukrainian economy of the country is less than half of the Russian economy, faster even, 35-40 percent, and the structure of this "nedoekonomiki" incomparably worse than Russian.

Ukraine — is perhaps the only country in the middle of comparable areas, where in reality there is the army. The army exists only on paper in the warehouse granary books, but in accounting prescriptions respective sections of the municipal budget.

Ukraine does not have its own navy, able to perform any further action of the sea, except as to stand on the front barrel in the Sevastopol bay.

Ukraine does not have its own air force. According to the most reassuring data, the Ukrainian Air Force is now able to instantly lift into the air at least 40 aircraft.

Ukraine does not have much, or the effectiveness of its air defense system capable of causing at least some noticeable damage possible aggressor.

Ukraine does not have its own merchant fleet.

To provide the actual size of the economy of Ukraine, not for themselves dim brain statistical forgery produced by the Ukrainian government should pay attention to the following characteristics:

— Creation of electricity in 2011 have gained a little level of the Ukrainian SSR in 1973.

— Commissioning of housing in 2011 (about 5.5 million square meters) will be exactly 25% of the average Russian entry period (22 million square meters). Spiritual state of the Ukrainian people can not understand, if not to understand the fact that for all 20 years of independence, Ukraine built home is even less than one Khrushchev seven years (1958-65 years)!

— All process industry in the industry for 20 years, were scattered, and the machine-building and instrument-making factories were forcibly eliminated.

— Industry of Ukraine (basis) on its own fall froze between the third and fourth tehnoukladom, but threatens to slide into third, if nothing is traded to the superstructure.

— Ukraine has long years leading foreign trade with desyatimilliardnym and more than Baksova acquired deficiency and has no potential capacity to increase exports, nor, much less, no power and financial resources in order to infiltrate new markets, making the expansion of production inside the country profitable. Of export industries, some ghostly growth prospects has only just agriculture and metallurgy dark.

— The country has neither the means nor the professionals to conduct business in international courts or to assert its economic and trade interests by force.

— Ukraine hundred percent dependent on imports of Russian energoelementov, but are no longer able to pay for them at market prices.

— After joining the WTO, the creation of at least some of the new self-produced in the country is not likely unless the transnational corporations.

— The Ukrainian government has no other method to arrest the negative balance of payments, except as by the credit pyramid.

— The last decade of Ukraine — it is true modern semi-criminal grounds.

Ukrainian courts are no longer ruled in accordance with applicable law. The vast majority of police officers, prosecutors and corrupt referees. There is almost not investigated particularly serious crime, if it does not stand for the interests of the foreign exchange or political. Theft and Fraud in the economic sphere parliament legalized by the so-called "decriminalization" of the respective articles of the Criminal Code. Members of the Government and MPs are involved in large-scale international corruption, many are double and triple citizenship.

This is a brand new Ukraine, born in 1991. Without the help of others for that state can not survive. It does not apply to the word "development." For the right to be on the world map is required to pay. If you can not pay, you need to sell more in global markets or borrow from others.

Previously, it gave Ukraine a loan, but the crisis struck, and therefore take vzaem harder and harder. The situation is such that in 20 years of independence, which, in fact, was designated only devastation and looting of Russian heritage, the Ukrainian government has completely lost the ability and initiative to meaningful living.

Just as imperative elite and felt that the hour to put the question squarely. A little dumbfounded global society suddenly heard from Kiev that this city has turned into the capital of "full-fledged European democracy", while Ukraine is striving to become, nothing less than, part of a "common European family", where, and asks her to take urgently.

But Europe continues to make it appear as if unaware of the happiness in the face of Ukraine is marking time on the doorstep. All the same, exacting hungry knock down the empty ladle pot coming from Kiev to Brussels itself, each day or sounds louder and louder.

30 scion of Lieutenant Schmidt

The main objective, which is passionately longs decide Ukrainian liberal elite — to reach that country to be included in statements of expenditure and the EU put on there the "uniform allowance". For more uveritelnosti Ukrainian plutocracy and its Media attendants demonstrate his fingers together to Europe and breathy gasp and groan with delight, now what is the fun and rich life sparkles in Poland, and what she cheerless in. Before that showed finger and the Baltics, but now are trying to discreetly about it no longer remember.

Does the Ukrainian authorities' reasoning logic? Certainly. Poland, the Baltic States, Greece, and of all other EU countries, and in fac
t lived fun in the last decade and a half. And they lived funny precisely because of the money from the "basement" Euro Central Bank, that the Frankfurt-am-Main, which is usually called fancy word "investment" and which continues to dream Ukrainian ruling society. And so it was up to the moment "when struck midnight and the carriage turned into a pumpkin …". Prazdnichek finished and charm have vanished, as a knock on the door broad-shouldered guys who have declared that wonderful "investment" — it's actually easy credit, they are something bankers and were beat out of their own debtors with interest.

And they beat them, we must admit, it is not European. Then came the moment when the intercept of funds in debt desperately trying everything, but does not want to give anybody, and lenders require a refund.

It turned out that membership in the EU — this is the usual revelry vzaem. But the fun was replaced by a weary hangover. She is loud and immodest Poland, which serves as an inspiring example for the propaganda of the Ukrainian elite — the usual bankrupt country. The situation in Warsaw, in fact, a lot of potentially worse than in Ukraine, just do not understand it all yet. One only publicly guaranteed external debt of Poland is more than 250 billion dollars and five times greater than Ukrainian, with acquired deficiency in the annual foreign trade of 30 billion. Eastern Europe against the background of the Brussels nomenclature bravura statements at an accelerated pace splits evenly turning into a mass grave. Ahead of the general bankruptcy and social war.

European integration has come to an end.

And we need the same to happen, so specifically at a time when the "united Europe", if read right, already confessed, and the descendants of a will is prepared to die at the threshold of "Brussels executive committee" with an outstretched hand came another deputy prime minister of the Ukrainian government with 'application to join the European Union. " What is not "a child of Lieutenant Schmidt"? Oh so similar scene is described in the traditional literature:

"The door swung open and the room was leaked Panikovski. Clutching his cap to the greasy jacket, he braked in front of a long table and moved his thick lips.
— Remove the cap, — said Ostap, exulting, — bare head. At the moment, will take away the body.
Couriers … Lieutenant Schmidt took the child on the porch and began to rock-track. Panikovski silent pokorlivo looking at the blue sky.
— After a short-lived civilian funeral … — Ostap began.
And at the same moment couriers, giving the body Panikovski sufficient scale and momentum, threw him into the street.
— … The body was laid to rest — he graduated from Bender.
Panikovski flopped to the ground like a toad. "

CORRESPONDENCE Engels and Kautsky

On the one hand, the "European perspective" — it's the dream of every Ukrainian corrupt official who is now at once and got a favorable economy in Ukraine and the home — blessed in Europe. On the other hand, the "European choice" — is also a substitute Communism for the Ukrainian people. In this way one could walk forever, if the European Union could survive so much. And that's not all. Not only had the Ukrainians blows and disappointments in the backyard of the "European home", so appeared on their way to the same Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. And he began to tempt the sweet words about integration, calling for the benefit to join the Customs Alliance and pointing his finger in the direction opposite from the union with Europe.

And then suddenly it turned out, what genius prominences can spew brains major Ukrainian head clerks. On behalf of all the people rebuke the head of the Cabinet gave the Russian deputy prime minister personally Ukrainian government, which is famous throughout the world in that renovated the football stadium for Euro 2012 at a cost of 2-new. "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Because no gingerbread no wait "- categorically stated Boris Kolesnikov. He added that the declared choice of Ukraine — a European integration that would support two-thirds of Ukrainians. If you ask them about it.

There is the usual question: who is the integrators, and what motivates them? For example, the part of the Russian Federation, the Prime and is almost president. What interests he pursues? Ukraine promising benefits from joining the customs alliance at 9 billion dollars, is meant to take them here and there, in other words, to take away from somewhere. I agree to Russian people to tear themselves from these funds? And now what do you mean by "the Russian people"? Envoy who speaks Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Borys Kolesnikov, cheerfully referring to the fabulous world-2-thirds of the Ukrainian people were not asked?

It is no secret that on behalf of the Russian Federation to carry out "economic integration" is actually the Ukraine are often thence oligarchs. What is still Russian, but what — Ukrainian enthusiasm? Vladimir Putin, who has to get the same 9,000,000,000 benefits of joining the Customs alliance? And what, according to the views of Russians who should be the reaction of the Ukrainian establishment, that in Russia it was considered reasonable and prudent?


In Ukraine, a pragmatic interest in the Customs Union are able to show only a few people from those who can influence the decision. And they — the owners of big business. Here, for example, Ukrainian oligarch with surname Pinchuk has a business interest in Russia, on Russian pipe contracts earns billions of dollars a year, and he does not care to continue or not to continue the cooperation with its northern neighbor. It may look completely possible supporter of rapprochement with Russia. But there is another side, often do not take into account the stakeholders in Moscow. Family, bank accounts, real estate tycoon in this — in London. Profit centers — in the offshore. Kids and grandchildren in such a high-ranking Ukrainian in most cases — the naturalized British or Americans, and in combination almost always to the same Israelis.

West entourage Ukrainian ruling allows the public to feel extremely comfortable, measured and fueling his desire to be proud of yourself representatives. In the world of the liberal standards of success and personal gain inherently flawed Ukrainian authorities nobody seems nasty, just the opposite — shines in all of the beauty of its own diamonds, houses, yachts and platinum credit cards. In addition, the western capital — it already seems to be a homeland for the family, kids and grandchildren streets, restaurants, castles, holiday resorts. They dream of getting into the high society of Paris, London and New York for their own heirs. To the same drive, and for the "label to reign." Specifically, there they are paying taxes. With Russian Ukrainian elite is generally in fact nothing in common, as, in general, and with Ukraine. Our homeland for them — only source of income, extra money to "piggy-pig." It's nothing personal. Just business.

Specifically, such an oligarch, but not fabulous unfortunate "banderovets in Embroideries," personifies the modern "Ukrainian" government. And it turns out he specifically addressed to Vladimir Putin's offer to join the Customs alliance.

Ukraine ruled refined gangster shoots 90s. Ukrainian deputies, ministers and deputy vice-premiers — down to earth people are not stupid. They are all trained in the thieves' business schools ", surviving in an atmosphere of feral criminal intoxication, participants also visited the most daring and sophisticated fraudulent schemes enrichment. Often starting your own business, capitalizing on markets
or striving in the wings in the criminal societies. Then they got rich, dressed up, and, in the end, have become "politicians". The family moved to London, cleaned shoes, tied to a double Windsor tie on tysche euros per share, and in the evenings waltz on "diamond balls" in Kiev. They have become accustomed expensive dress and run to the ladies of easy virtue inter Venetian masquerade, the Cannes Film Festival, Courchevel and azure coast. What words of Vladimir Putin may hear in reply to the arguments of those people?

GAS do you want? They have me!

If the proposed integration of Ukraine with Russia — this is a copy of integration with the West, but only directed to the other side of the world, and in it the Russian side does not invest any more than the highest point, why Our homeland is not valid as Western ways? Well, if Vladimir Putin longs, so listen to his arguments, as well as the arguments of Barack Obama, then our homeland should copy the actions in this matter the United States. But America's position in regard to Kiev would have looked here and there: "In Ukraine suppressed political opposition, human rights are violated, ignored international agreements on non-proliferation of MANPADS, dual-purpose (environmental legislation, copyright, etc.), and so we introduce the (expanding) the economic sanctions and visa restrictions. But not against the Ukrainian people, and against the responsible officials. And, once we introduce an embargo on imports coupled with an anti-dumping investigation against certain individuals. " Upon presentation of such arguments is very possible that the ruling society and listen to a proposal to join the Customs Union. As long as your own business in terms of "profit-loss" words of Russian parties concerned, nobody just not aware of what we are talking in general.

On the other hand, the arguments Putin's even better to hear an ordinary Ukrainian citizen. But that is precisely what is the root of all problems. Society in the post-stratified and down, and everywhere was divided into milliardersko-bureaucratic top and lower class, the class of "bad losers" in the now adopted the terminology, which is not seen nothing to do with what the future integration.

Emerged in 1991 in the post-quasi-country, abandoning the social gains of the Soviet Union, immediately began to fall into barbarism. People, it should be recognized as distinct from small-town bosses on normal ethical positions was able to resist longer because ordinary people all the forces were holding nourished Russian government social microstructure of collective solidarity. That's already expired 20-year anniversary of the "triumph of democracy", and in Ukrainian towns still underway gang wars, as in tolerant Paris, London or Los Angeles. And although there reigns a wholesale bestiality at the top and brutal lawlessness, but brought up in a socialist system, ordinary citizens continue to give way to transport and lend each other money without receipts.

But woozy from the crazy income post-Soviet elite against widespread poverty and even the poverty of the majority of the people fell into feudal barbarism. In place of the limited workaholics — Russian party secretaries and technocrats, cultivate, at least verbally, moderation, came rabid "elitist" who surrounded himself unimaginable luxury.

While Moscow speeches on the Ukrainian-Russian integration, inverse decay processes occur alone for themselves. Entropy, but. Our homeland beckons, but not assured, and does not force, but Brussels is not lust, well, simply can not afford to open the Ukrainians themselves or their own market or their own borders. Visa hitch and travel through Europe trevozhut least 2-3 million people in Ukraine today, and tomorrow, when the second time banging crisis, such is five times smaller. In others, the funds are not enough even to spend for yourself to take a look at the website so miserable in Europe network. Ukraine's trade with the EU and Russia is hopelessly unprofitable for the country and extremely profitable for the oligarchs. Ukraine — depressed area with a population in most immersed in his own horrific sadness, for which, in the framework of the current socio-economic model of hermetically sealed all the doors leading to the present prosperous life, and social lifts only move downwards. Ukrainian society — is a continuous area of poverty and social misery and degradation, while another clot-focus class hatred.

Once Misha Hazin expressed the idea that the West Russian high-ranking corrupt officials did not believe offenders and their "working bees" carrying honey from the "Russian fields" in The local banks. Such a definition can be rightfully attributed to corrupt Ukrainian who love the West no less than Russian. For what if such mutual "love threesome" between Western, Russian and Ukrainian elites, someone handy to arrange also a separate integration process in Moscow? After all, were built in the already among themselves in the quiet Swiss banker. Or yet, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, referring to Ukraine brings to its "integration" of something bigger than lobbying Russian billionaires?


"Ukrainian Cossack" hopelessly stuck at the crossroads of the worlds at the magical stone, from which roads lead in different directions. So as to which of the empires Ukraine to join with his empty pot and ladle, a Russian or European?

In comparative terms, the Western project outside looks fine and logical. West offers to Kiev to build at ghetto neo-colonial oligarchy in the interest of money, and people do perpetual slaves to banks, as well as the very sovereign Ukraine. Fully European. To give the comely similar genocidal doctrine used liberal rhetoric about "freedom", "sanctity of personal property," and the primacy of "human rights." This allows, in-1's, brainwash passive besotted population and, second, 2, shut their mouths as needed dissatisfied with everything, using for this purpose by any means, directly to the "humanitarian" invasions under excuse defense of "democracy". Given full information of Western dominance of global media, a similar project is rooted in the public consciousness of the Ukrainians as the only "civilized". In general, the Western project looks complete and consistent. The main and most terrible of its shortcomings — is the sacralization of social injustice and stop the technological and social progress, but none of them tries not to mention out loud.

A little differently affairs with Russian project. De facto, the Russian Federation has long been a part of the West. But because the world of the liberal project for over two hundred years, as available in your own kernel in Europe and the U.S., our home for this "holiday table" is not the most honorable place. A similar situation gives rise to completely clear to the problem of the Russian Federation. The fact that the core of the West, under any circumstances, not even interested in the existence of any power center in their door, and even more so in the face of Russian country, which is experiencing age-old genetic hatred. The West will continue to do everything possible to mitigate the Russian Federation and its dismemberment, as it happened in the past 300-400 years.

On the other hand, in the Russian municipal body initially laid "imperial gene." Currently, the existence of the country for so bolshennyh areas with harsh climates and in such an environment may be entirely in the imperial form, which should be expressed in a constant maintenance and expansion of its monetary and technological areas. Therefore, despite the most liberal kinks Russian
elite in the last two decades, the vast masses of Russian bureaucracy, as in the minds of the Russian people, the thought of failure of of the imperial project finds no positive response.

But we do not forget that no matter what kind of underdeveloped countries usually considered to be a colony, then a set of contradictions in the Russian public consciousness was formed on this day entirely to yourself psychiatric. In determining the present status of Russian Federation in the world, we have to state an idea in this way: Our homeland — is a liberal empire-colony!

Naturally, in such a long ambivalent state of the country will not be able to exist. The contradictions must be resolved as soon as possible, either in favor of the colony, or in favor of the Russian Empire. It must be emphasized that, despite the allegations of gromozvuchnye quest to become part of the "civilized world", Russian ship in real life takes more inclined towards the "Imperial Sea." The problem, but, besides the fact that before making the first steps in the direction opposite to the West, Russia is better determine the answer for one very fundamental question: "Are you for the Reds either snow-white?"

Now, apparently, in Russian summit preference for the project "Russian White Guard." Hence the glorification of the Russian tsars, sacred White Guard generals and admirals, "de-Stalinization" intrusive rehabilitation of Nazi collaborators of the liberal media. In such "decorations" Our homeland is represented by a mass-market the Imperial Palace, where the parquet floor glides good "priest king" with a cell phone in one hand and a nuclear suitcase in the other. And that surround himself "emperor" Mosfilm portraits of masked people in uniforms of the royal generals produvshih in down and the remains of all of its major combat.

But the truth is that for more than three hundred years the history of Russian Empire higher its takeoff was specifically Russian civilization. Moreover, the former Soviet Union 10's of millions of people still remember the Russian Alliance as the lightest and majestic era, which united all the peoples of the Russian Federation around the now sovereign states. The phenomenon is exactly what Russian control, hand in the revival of the imperial idea, appears now a major Russian zakoperschikom defamation of the country. The very majestically past that mentally and spiritually connects voedinyzhdy Ukrainian and Russian, namely ethnic groups. Specifically majestically Russian heritage and fantastic "consanguinity", gives us the right to call the Ukrainian and Russian peoples of the fraternal. Potential allies have come to expect from the Russian Federation the same precise and clear writing his own global project, which they have received from the West, with its "private property" and "human rights."

The meaning is to build a superpower RF priemuschestvenno is to provide for themselves in its exclusive economic zone boundaries interests, backed his claims of military power and social projects. Only by limiting unauthorized external economic and military intervention its zone of influence, our home can seriously expect as the revival of its industry, bestalantno ruined for years, so called independence and the social regeneration.

Summing crotch result should be true to design some of the conclusions of the foregoing.

In 1-x, of the Russian Federation of its supporters in the world, and especially in the post-Soviet space, waiting for a precise and unambiguous signal that the country is on the path of revival of his own greatness. Many millions of people are willing to hear what our home area recreates own exclusive interests in contrast to the West, and will be ready to defend their own global choice, including the choice of its own allies, by all means at its disposal the forces and means.

In-2 is very better understood construct its global doctrine, as defined by a practical example to show the whole world that our homeland will not give themselves or allies in the execution. A logical consequence of this, we believe, should be a categorical refusal to vilify Russian era. Specifically, in the Russian Socialist past can simply find and inspiring examples, and organizational clues about the ideological, industrial, public and military revival of in the form of a modern empire.


Hard to talk about the return of the imperial status of the Russian Federation without the inclusion of Ukraine in the Russian orbit. But the Ukrainian-Russian affairs than on, so getting colder, not to say aggressive. The reason is almost all lies in the fact that all these years, our homeland pursued a policy of non-superpower status, substituting for Ukrainian policy towards the imperial policy of compromise and unjustified one-sided concessions to the West and the actual promotion of military and industrial disintegration with Ukraine. In addition, not daring to voice your own custom global project Our home has lost its political and ideological instruments for conducting ideological war within Ukrainian borders.

The time has come for Russia to return to its banner the idea of a just peace, rejecting as useless trash samples necessarily correspond to the so-referred to as "international standards". Indeed, the "global standards" — this is when we hear the highest debate about the "freedom of human rights, human values and democracy," and with our eyes litsezreem in the Libyan town of Sirte second Guernica. And for the sake of "international standards" Our homeland in recent decades and refuses to own greatness, and the right to return to himself a true superpower status, and the ability to be the bearer of a global project of global justice. And if so, then at some point, right behind Guernica again will be the turn of the blockade of Leningrad, and then ablaze with fire Dresden and Hiroshima, but only some will suspend enemies of mankind at Stalingrad.

The post-Soviet space fundamentally can not develop in the framework of the liberal doctrine. Our country and, at first, our homeland, Ukraine and Belarus, following the lead of the United States, can only just flake and degrade in all areas. We either go back to the path of progress, or in the not to distant future will witness at the public irreversible decay.

To ensure that our kids could later stiff gait walk the planet, living a life filled with more and more than the highest sense, it is required again to begin to build a new alliance around the Russian Federation, and by tying its orbit all post-Soviet countries — even against the will of their well-fed and self-satisfied parasitic "elite." It is time for the Russian government to return to a lost past foreign policy springboard for their own geopolitical coming. This should be a springboard first so-called post-Soviet space. A necessary condition for the successful creation of his — just turn away from the role of Ukraine in the implementation of the liberal project and involve them in the expansion of the global Russian project.

The Kremlin must finally realize that the conduct of dialogue with the Ukrainian kleptocracy, in what would be the uniforms that no ryadilas not apply the principles of international law, and therefore in its relations with the ruling Ukrainian society is absurd to rely on official foreign ministry protocol. The only protocol that can cause at least some meaningful response — a protocol of interrogation. Based on this realization, and only need to build international business with similar people.
As it paradoxically, but only the external control can reincarnate of Ukraine "den of thieves", draped only for the kind of blue-and-yellow linens, a real sovereign government, applicable to civilized life of their own people. Any other policy in the Ukrainian direction will be built on sand.

< span style="font-size:8pt;">Pereyaslavskaya happy — A meeting of representatives of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, held in January 1654 in Pereyaslav. For discussion of the Cossack glad it was made and approved the decision to move Ruthenia (Zaporizhia Army with the lands and towns) in the citizenship of the Russian tsar "for ever". Date Pereyaslav — 8 (18) January 1654 — on another call date of the Ukraine and Russia.

Upgrade (update, Eng.) — modernization; adjustment; update disk imaging, data, database update for the latest information.

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