Fire gets to forge U.S. nuclear

The fire is approaching the U.S. nuclear smithyThe authorities of South American state of New Mexico to evacuate residents of the town of Los Alamos, which tightly crept wildfires. On the outskirts of the town has burned down several 10-s buildings. Temporary shelter for 12 thousand people organized in one of the adjacent towns. According to firefighters, the recent area Strength can fire twice.

At Los Alamos is the State laboratory, where he conducted research in the field of nuclear physics. Currently her work is temporarily suspended. On duty at the facility only necessary personnel. The band of fire is just 2-miles from the research complex. Constantly look over the situation with the aircraft. To help firefighters oriented units of the State Guard.

27 June heat source area of 0.4 hectares was put out specifically on the terrain of the American forge nuclear weapons. Fire was extinguished from the air, dropping water on it from a helicopter.

According to the notice on the website of the U.S. Department of Energy Demanding, its "structure and the structure is not affected." Radiation signs of infection were found.

Los Alamos laboratory, Founded in 1943, successfully withstood a similar disaster in May 2000, which caused harm to the state, exceeded one billion dollars.

Local NGO "Citizens Concerned for nuclear safety," said the 5.6 kilometer from the front of the fire is ground storage of radioactive waste.

We are talking about the contents of 30 thousand barrels of iron of 242 liters of any protected from the scorching rays of the sun only tarps.

The front of the fire, as previously reported, is 1.6 kilometers away from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is area 9.3 thousand gektrov. Lab work is temporarily suspended. Inside the enacted plan provided for in the event of occurrence of an emergency.

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