Fish kills in Adygea


Photo by Ivan Karpenko

9.05.12.Po to local residents, about two weeks ago began dumping waste into the waters of the Maikop distillery adjacent pond, located in the floodplain of the White.

As a result, in the pond experienced massive fish kills and water turned black. First of Maikop distillery passed a special channel on which the waste is blended into the White River, but for unknown reasons, no longer waste discharged into the channel and they are now in a special pipe merge directly into the pond.

The dead fish covered the shore of the pond. In addition, there is the fact of serious air pollution. Bad odor waste ethanol from Maikop distillery felt even on highways, located 350 meters from the plant.

Residents suffer from the stench of three apartment buildings located near the plant, as well as students and teachers of secondary schools № 4 settlement victory. Residents told activists EkoVahty that a strong smell coming from the factory in the past two weeks. Particularly strong release was three days ago — on May 6.

Because of this, they said, the houses can not open the windows. Smell affects also located on the other side of the river White Farm Grozny.

Maikop distillery has long been in a state of crisis. Activity of the plant has intensified after he moved to the property of "Farm" Sunrise. " The plant was reconstructed. It would seem, then ecological safety of alcohol production should increase. However, as the events of the last two weeks, the ecological situation in the distillery is far from good.

8 and 9 May 2012. activists Environmental Watch on North Caucasus was held public environmental inspection in the village of Victory (Republic of Adygea, Maikop district Pobedinskoye rural settlement). As a result, activists inspection revealed the most flagrant violations of environmental laws in the operation of Maikop distillery, owned by LLC "Farm" Sunrise "and located at the village Victory ul.Tenistaya 9.

Source: Environmental Watch on North Caucasus

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