Fish kills in the Altai region


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1.08.11.Zhiteli Loktevskogo Altai Region discuss the topic in the death of fish Gilevskom Reservoir, allegedly due to the fall in the river Aley spent stage rocket launched from Baikonur.

As the correspondent of IA "Amitel" Loktevskogo district administration head Sergei Solovyov, never in the history of space in the Area falling stage.

According to him, there were rumors about the fall of more than a month ago, on the banks of the reservoir Gilevskogo Alley and in places not intended for swimming, were set sold out "No swimming".

"It is a heat wave. On the territory of the district Loktevskogo already drowned, we were looking for a week. In order to somehow influence the swimming season, signs were installed. Maybe this was a source of concern, "- he said.

From the words of the official, the population had no complaints about the debris. In addition, he noted that the reservoir is dying fish no more than usual.

The President of the Federation edge fishing sports Sergei Kazantsev told the news agency that Gilevskoe Reservoir — a popular spot among anglers. And if the fact of mass destruction was, then surely he would have been aware of it. Just before he spoke with colleagues from Rubtsovsk there who go fishing. And no complaints from them was not.

Source: IA "Amitel"

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