Five years ago, construction began on the Zagorskaya PSP-2

Zagorskaya-2, the construction of which is JSC "RusHydro" is in the Moscow region, celebrates its 5th anniversary of the laying of the first cube of concrete in the building of the station site, marked the official start of construction of the station.

The past period was marked by professional records. According to the General Director of JSC "Zagorskaya-2" Vladimir Magruk, the rate of the second phase of construction is twice that of the first stage of Zagorskaya PSP. "The high rate of construction of the station were originally set. After a fire at the substation Chagino in May 2005 and the cold winter of 2006, and to eliminate the deficit highly maneuverable power in the Central region of Russia took a turn early works. In many ways, the present results (ready station is close to 100%) — this is to the credit of the designers and builders. Nothing can bring people together better than a "living" thing, which is our building. And, of course, all of this would not have been realized without the use of modern technologies ", — said Vladimir Magruk.

View of the water lines Zagorskaya PSP-2 from the water intake


Culverts Zagorskaya PSP-2. View from the machine room

Construction of a new generation of technology, focusing on the court, has significantly reduced the time of earth work, the volume of which in comparative terms twice as large as the scale of the Suez Canal. For the first time in Russia at the Zagorskaya PSP-2 were used brand new cast concrete. Composition and laying technology plastic (cast) concrete allowed to apply for concreting penstocks sliding formwork technology, which is twice reduced the time construction of water. For comparison, in 1980-90 years in the construction of the first station armakarkasy for culverts constructed and concreted directly at the factory, and to move them to the installation required a lot of time and effort. Much improved and the quality of work — sealed plastic concrete fills the tank of reinforced concrete construction.

Completed construction work at the intake Zagorskaya PSP-2

"Since that time, our specialists have significantly increased their skills. Formed team ready to build a number of new PSP — said the chief engineer of "Zagorskaya-2" Ivan Danilov. — Operate the station will be the next generation of engineers. We believe that they, like us, will link their destiny with Zagorskaya PSP-2. "

Engine room Zagorskaya PSP-2. Preparations for installation of equipment hydraulic number 3

The story of the second stage of Zagorskaya PSP began in 1989 with the Decree of the Council of Ministers, which obliged Mosenergo, encompassing what is being built first Zagorskaya, to develop a feasibility study of the project. In 1993, the feasibility study was carried out, but due to political and economic developments in the country's budget financing of the project ceased. It was impossible to continue working. About the construction of the second line again recalled in 2000, when they were running 5 and 6 Zagorskaya hydroelectric pumped storage. But by 2003, due to the release of the PSP Zagorskaya of Mosenergo drafting Zagorskaya PSP-2 was rolled back.

In May 2005, a fire at a substation Chagino was without power most of Moscow, as well as part of the Moscow, Tula and Kaluga regions. And it became clear that Moscow does not have enough of the active and reactive power, which could give the second stage Zagorskaya PSP. According to specialists highly maneuverable power shortage in the capital region reached 3,000,000 kW / h night. The last straw was the cold winter of 2006. As a result, in February 2006, it was decided to build a Zagorskaya PSP-2. In April of the same year was OAO "Zagorskaya-2"

Construction Zagorskaya PSP-2 is near the existing Zagorskaya PSP — branch of JSC "RusHydro". The structure of the station facilities include upper and lower basins, drainage, water supply lines and the station node, the schema objects of power and infrastructure projects, which provide building.

Construction of the office-industrial complex Zagorskaya Pump-

According to the System Operator, the shortage of maneuverable power in the Central region of Russia is 2.5 ± 3.0 million kW, including in the Moscow region — about 1.5 million kW. The second phase of the Zagorskaya hydroelectric station is built for a partial solution to this problem, as well as the prevention of emergency situations in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Construction of the turbine hall Zagorskaya PSP-2

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