Flamethrower Southern Military neighborhood are using the new ammo sun

Flamethrower Southern Military District uses a new munition "sun"

At the landfill Prudboy in the Volgograd region are trained flamethrower unit connection CBR defense of the South Military Area.

More than 80 military-flamethrower master entered service in the defense procurement new standard of the heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A ("Pinocchio") with a new thermobaric shell inflated range, "sun", which tests have passed in the spring of this year.

The new ammunition increased range Accuracy and weight of the warhead. Unlike its predecessor, power it increased by 15-20%.

Well acquainted with the flamethrower jet infantry flamethrower excessive range and power RPO PDM-A "Bee-M" (upgraded), set up to destroy enemy firing points sheltered from brick or concrete, cars and light armored vehicles and enemy of indoor and outdoor areas .

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