Flew over Cuba and exploded meteor

February 16, 2013. Cuba apparently experienced a phenomenon similar to, but smaller in scale than the meteorite, which exploded over Russia this week. Insular media reported on frightened residents describing a bright light in the sky and a loud explosion that shook the windows and walls.

Reports of casualties or damage were reported, such as those that caused the meteorite in Russia, when, because of the shock, injured more than 1,200 people and knocked out countless windows.

In the state TV news video topics posted on the website CubaSi on Friday night, unknown people downtown Rodas, near Cienfuegos, said that explosion was impressive.

"On Tuesday we left home to fish around five o'clock in the afternoon, around 8:00 am and saw a light in the sky, and then a big ball of fire, more than the sun," — said one of the locals on the video.

"My whole house shook," — she said. — "I have never heard such a strange phenomenon."

Marcos Rodriguez, which was presented in the video as an expert in the field of anthropology, said all signs point to meteorite.

According to scientists, from 5 to 10 small meteors fall to the planet every year. Larger events, such as over Russia are rare, and some experts have said that it may have been the largest such explosion, after the meteorite had hit Siberia in 1908.

Also Friday, the residents of the Bay Area of San Francisco reported seeing a fireball in the sky, according to scientists, was probably part of the space rock. Another meteor in the same area in October last year caused a loud bang.

In Cuba, a reporter at THE VIDEO said that a similar phenomenon was observed in 1994 in elsewhere in the province of Cienfuegos. He added that the Cuban authorities were looking for any fragments that may have fallen to the ground.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: The Huffington Post


Before you explode over Chelyabinsk, meteorite, supposedly flew over Cuba

February 17, 2013. A small meteorite this week flew over Cuba, said the pro-government web portal. As noted in the THE VIDEO, a bright flash in the sky and saw a subsequent explosion Rodas residents of the area in the central province of Cienfuegos. As a result of a rare natural phenomenon no one was hurt, the information relating to property damage have also been reported.

"On Tuesday we went to fish in the reservoir of El Mamey and saw a fireball in the sky, more than the sun, and after three or four minutes thundered explosion"- Said the two journalists witness the event. Thus he span of a celestial body in the video was recorded. "Everything indicates that it was a car" — said the authors of the plot a Marcos Rodriguez, who was introduced as a "specialist in anthropology."

Cuban media attached no significance "of Boliden Cienfuegos." In addition, the only video clip on this topic appeared on the Internet even after the whole world is spared footage from Chelyabinsk, above which was a meteor rain.



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