Flood destroyed 150,000 head of cattle in Pakistan


4.10.11.V the recent floods in Pakistan, killing an estimated 150,000 head of cattle.

The flood that hit the country a year later, after not less devastating flood destroyed not only cattle, but also stocks of forage, and also led to the spread of many infectious diseases in animals and humans.

According to the newspaper «The News», under threat of the huge number of poultry and livestock in the flooded areas of the country because of the spread of infectious diseases and acute shortage of feed.

The damage to the element of livestock and poultry industry in the country, estimated at millions of rupees. Pastoralism has only recently become more or less steadily growing sector of Pakistan's economy. In many provinces, cattle-breeding activity is the only source of income for the majority of the local population. The share of livestock sector contribution to the overall profit from agricultural activities was, according to 2010, more than 55%.

Source: Meatinfo

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