Flood in Russia will be difficult

March 14, 2013. Features spring tide snow reserves are determined, its moisture content, the intensity of soil freezing and the very nature of spring.

The analysis shows that in the Volga basin snow accumulation on average correct, and his little moisture reserves fall short of the long-term average. By the rivers of the Russian North and the great rivers of Siberia, the water reserves in the snow in an average of 120% higher than normal. Even more significant accumulation of moisture in the snow cover (up 200%) observed in the rivers of the Far Eastern region.

According to experts of Hydrometeorology, in the ETP and the ground was frozen weakly well hydrated, while the Asian part of the country is frozen much at 70-270 cm

Autopsy rivers in the European part of the country is projected to average long-term time frame. Only on a part of the rivers of the North-West, Centre and South, this will happen 5-7 days later than normal. With the opening of a number of rivers, including the Great, the Northern Dvina and Sukhona may form dangerous congestion. In the third decade of March will begin drifting ice on the Middle Don, Oka and Desna. In the second half of April vskroyutsya River of the North-West and the Middle Volga region. In the second half of May, freed from the ice shell River Murmansk region.

In the Asian part of the country will also host the breaking of the ice in average long-term time frame. The only exceptions Upper Ob, Yenisei River Upper, Vitim and Aldan autopsy which will start a week earlier than usual.

In the first ten days of April will be ice breaking Barnaul, in the second decade of May? Turuhansk. Hazardous traditionally expected congestion on the Ob, Yenisei and Lena. Water levels are predicted close to normal.

Source: News Gismeteo

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