Flooding and landslides in Rio de Janeiro

January 4, 2013. Heavy rains have caused flooding in a suburban area north of the famous city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. During the flood, of course, followed by a series of landslides. They were the cause of death of a Brazilian and forced more than 200 people to leave their damaged homes.

Rainfall per night struck the settlement Seremo 50 km from Rio, was about 216 mm, which could not lead to flooding, especially when you consider the composition of the soil and mountainous terrain of the area. In the Rio de Janeiro and in the adjacent settlements in connection with the ongoing rains announcement warning of the danger. In addition, the administration of the Rio continuously monitors the situation on the coast in the area of Angra dos Reis, which is a popular holiday destination in the summer holidays in the Southern Hemisphere.

Destinations are notorious for numerous landslides and emerging during the rainy mud flows, which in the last couple of years time to carry out the lives of hundreds man. The biggest risk with such natural disasters have poorer areas people living in slums in the hills.

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The victims of the floods in Rio are two people, eight missing

January 4, 2013. On the night of Thursday to Friday on the state of Rio de Janeiro hit a heavy downpour that caused flooding in eight districts of the region. According to official reports, the victims were two elements revelry. Eight Brazilians, among them one of eight children, are reported missing. More than 2,500 people were forced to flee their homes.

Strong heavy rains hit the state Rio de Janeiro early morning, when most Brazilians still asleep. The main attack took over eight cities. Some of the streets in these settlements are still hidden under a meter of water.

Like two years ago, when the region hit by the largest in the history of Brazil's natural disaster that killed more than 900 man, rains provoked a way out of the nine banks of rivers. According to local experts, year year recurrent natural disasters could have been avoided if the clean channel of the river and do other necessary activities.

In total, from January 2, 2013 the new heavy rains in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in one way or another affected nearly 200,000 residents. Weather forecasts for the coming period are encouraging: in the middle of heavy rain is expected. However, meteorologists are not yet rule out the possibility of landslides.

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In the summer in the south-east of Brazil bombarded strong torrential rains, which sometimes lead to mudflows. In the past year by tropical storms have repeatedly suffered from major cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. But perhaps the biggest tragedy was the January flood 2011. Then the victims of precipitation, which led to landslides and debris flows in the state of Rio de Janeiro were more than 900 people. Around 35,000 families were left homeless, with damage estimated at over one billion U.S. dollars. This natural disaster was the largest natural disaster in the history of Brazil, ahead of the number of victims flood 1967 in Caraguatatuba on the coast of the State of Sao Paulo.

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