Flooding does not let the north-west Australia

The section of the Sunshine Coast in Australia has been shrouded ocean foam, beached remains of a tropical cyclone that struck Australia last week.

January 29, 2013. In the coastal town of Bundaberg Australian water level continues to rise. The water in the local river reached a height of 8.9 meters. 75,000 residents are still unable to return to his home. In evacuation centers housed 1,5 thousand Australians were terrified to see what happens to their home city. It is known that during the floods killed 4 people.

Stormy sea breeze drove to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts huge amount of foam, advancing deep into her flooded beaches closer to the streets of towns. In Burleigh Heads foam managed to cover walkways and picnic areas, and in some places height foamed mass reaches 1 meter. In Bundaberg recognized that the January flood was the most horrific stories in the city. After a few days the water had not slept considered completely flooded 1200 homes and other buildings, but soon their number could reach 2 million.

At the moment, the remains of which caused flood Oswald cyclone moving south to the State of New South Wales, flooding more land. Clarence River on the site, which is part of city of Grafton, the water rose to a record high of 8.08 meters. If water has overcome another 2 cm, would exceed the height of the protective levees and flooded to city. Under the threat of flooding are Brisbane and Ipswich. About two thousand Australians from the state were cut off from civilization due to the risen water and storm winds of 140 km / h At the weather station near Mullumbimbi recorded 540 mm of rain falling in the last 24 hours.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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