Flooding in Argentina: Rescuers found alive missing people

April 5, 2013. In Argentina rescuers have found 106 people alive who were considered missing after severe flooding in the city of La Plata. This was announced by Ricardo Casal, Minister of Security and Justice, the largest province of Buenos Aires, where the tragedy occurred.

He confirmed that the number of victims is 51 elements revelry man. "We surveyed 5940 homes, and found no other victims," — said the official.

Life is slowly returning to normal. In areas affected by floods, reduced the supply of electricity and water supply. Authorities continue to distribute clean drinking water, milk, food, warm clothes, clothes and mattresses, ITAR-TASS reported.

Simple Argentines are also trying to provide help. They bring in all the charitable organizations that may at first be useful to people, many of whom have lost all their belongings many years of toil. Employees of the Ministry of Health vaccinate against influenza, hepatitis and tetanus. The governor of the province Buenos Aires Daniel Stsioli assured that the victims will be provided help rehabilitation of housing through subsidies and loans. He also promised tax breaks inhabitants of areas covered by the flood.

On the night of March 3 city La Plata hit the showers, that have led to unprecedented flooding. The water level reached two meters in some places. Over 3 thousand residents were evacuated. The day before from such elements revelry hit Argentine capital Buenos Aires and its suburbs. Flood victims were six man. In connection with the disaster has been declared three days of mourning. Half-mast on government buildings national flags.

Source: Lead

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