Flooding in eastern Canada

Flooding in eastern Canada Natural Disasters

Because of the sharp warming in the rivers of western and northern New Brunswick a heavy ice drift. The water level rose sharply, which caused flooding. As a result, 12 roads washed away, a block of ice damaged one of the bridges, closed local hospital. Residents of New Brunswick called the incident the worst flooding in 15 years.

View of the River St. John.

State of emergency declared in Perth-Andover, where evacuated 500 people living on the banks of the St. John, in which the water rose to the level of 77.46 meters during floods in 1987 and 1993, the water level was 79.3 m and 78.7 m respectively.

The local hospital was closed, the 21 patients that were present were moved to other health care facilities.

Suspended from school, from water damaged several companies. At the moment, the authorities and rescue teams who had to use at Bathurst helicopter, trying to put the affected residents the necessary assistance and transported 21 patients from the flooded hospital and count the losses.

Members of a local family had to be rescued by helicopter.

Group of experts continue to monitor the melting ice and two ice jams. According to forecasts, the water level in the river has to rise up to 6.9 meters above sea level, slightly exceeds the maximum permissible values. Fortunately, on the expected gradual decline, but people, especially fishermen, it is recommended to be very careful because of the strong currents in the St. John's and stay away from the river.

Ice jam formed on the St. Johns River.

Flooded highway.

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