Flooding in Serbia and Macedonia

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Flood in Macedonia

February 27, 2013. In Macedonia three days in a row poured heavy rains, which ultimately has created favorable conditions for the occurrence of floods. After rising water were flooded hundreds of homes in the Macedonian villages, thousands of people were forced to evacuate. It is known that during the flood killed one person.

Two remote villages are completely cut off from civilization, all access roads are buried under a layer of water. Gushing stream destroyed two bridges. In some places, the Macedonians are suffering from a lack of clean drinking water as a key spoiled dirty streams and underground water. In some communities, water damaged power lines and people were left without heat and light. Only in the central city of Sveti Nikole without electricity abide 20,000 residents.

Experts fear that the two river dams in Probistipe and Kossanov not withstand the load and can break through. Then the flooded villages and agricultural fields will be an order of magnitude greater. At this point in the critical condition of the 4 villages near the south-eastern city of Strumica, which is 160 km south of the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. Most schools in the region canceled classes in schools, some institutions have allowed their employees not to report to work. Are on the verge of evacuating the eastern city Steep and Kumanovo.

Local people themselves are struggling to cope with the coming water by building branch ducts. The building, which has not yet penetrated the water, strengthen the 1.5 million sandbags, who arrived in the disaster area the day before. Decided to open several valves dams to lighten the load and prevent them from breaking.

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Flood in Serbia

February 27, 2013. Serbia and neighboring Macedonia, is dominated by the torrential rains that poured non-stop for more than a day. During this time, the amount of precipitation was about 64 liters per m². In the south, several rivers burst their banks, flooding the surrounding area. Several Serb villages evacuated urgently.

The water level in the river Moravica rose above normal in 4 locations in the level of diversion channels running parallel to the river Pchinja upgraded to a critical point in 3 locations. Learned that from the excess water had damaged the bridge leading to the village Bunusanskoy Mahal, near some villages there have been landslides. Village Sym completely submerged under the water out of it evacuated more than 100 people, including 20 children.

Of large settlements biggest damage was the municipality of Bujanovac, where a state of emergency, but the city administration claims that the Serbs living there is nothing to fear, since a few days rescue crews to pump out all the excess water from flooded yards and streets. In general, flooded Serbian regions are experiencing the same difficulties as the neighboring Macedonians, that is, have a problem with access to clean drinking water, to the movement of the flooded roads.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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