Flooding in the Kama becomes a real threat


18.04.11.Bolshoy snow in the Perm region replaces the big water. If at the beginning of the last week of flooding in relation to the flood mentioned in the alleged tone, then in the end — now as a fait accompli.

The first "floated" Kudymkar residents. This is despite the fact that the water here, it seems, and nowhere to take. Errors in the construction of urban infrastructure have led to the fact that the melt water accumulates in certain areas, of which she was nowhere to go.

But in Perm on Friday stood 36th school. Here the situation is similar. Way melting and rain water barrier "speed bumps" and she ran down to the basement of the school. And could not resist loading area sewer and steam Permian neighborhoods before the weekend was out of water.

Meanwhile, rescuers today consider flood threat number one. According to MOE, in Perm, all those days it was much warmer than usual. The snow is melting fast. Average rise of water in the rivers of the week came to around 11 cm per day, but there are places where the rate is fixed at 40 cm


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