Flooding turns into a flood in Central Russia

April 6, 2013. Spring is coming and still quite fast. Notice it mostly residents of communities located along rivers. In Tula, Orel and Saratov regions hit by flooding dozens of homes.

In the Saratov region aggravated the flood situation. 12 bridges are flooded and inter-village road. Due to the rise of water in local reservoirs were flooded 129 houses. The city is now working only boat crossing. Prepared three temporary accommodation of people. Although residents of flooded houses to evacuate refuse.

An active melting of snow and in the Tula region, where the flood may suffer capital of the region and 18 districts. Local authorities have already prepared a reserve of 50 million rubles for the elimination of possible emergencies. The region passage of spring flooding is expected before the end of April. To date, four flooded low water bridge. Due to the rising waters of the river Shivoron in Kireevsky's melt water coming right up to tens of buildings. Although, it is a surprise to no one died. This happens every year, but starts much earlier than this year. May be affected by the disaster and Orel area. As things stand now in the region told in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Andrei Mironov, press officer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Orel: During the last day on the rivers of the area, a gradual rise in water level from 2 to 22 cm, however, the achievement of dangerous and critical levels are not expected. The largest increase was observed in the Pine River near the village of Belomestnykh — 41 cm, and on the Oka River in the village Kostomarovo — 59 cm on April 6 in Oryol Region 2 flooded low water bridge: the low water bridge near the village of Secret in the Orel region, the water level above the roadway is 100 cm Threats settlements there.

In the Penza region evacuating residents of several villages. Flood threatens 60 locations. In each of them running their own rescue teams. In some regions, the Emergency Situations Ministry to monitor the situation leading to the helicopter, it's easier to coordinate the work of mobile teams.

Source: Rain

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