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In the late 50-ies of XX century in the Soviet press flashed unheard message: three days — 14, 15 and 16 August 1957 — around Stalinabad (now Dushanbe) were observed Aliens. Members of the archaeological team, "PIFA" were witnesses and participants of this mysterious event, details of which, as if by someone's order, no longer appeared on the pages of newspapers. After almost half a century after the "incident Stalinabad" "Harbor Health and Beauty" has decided to hold its astrological investigation, looking at the space UFO phenomenon from the point of view of "cosmic laws."

A flock of newcomers

It's no secret that the cases of UFO sightings history has tens of thousands — from the writings of ancient authors to the present day. For example, Pliny in the "Natural History" describes flying "fire shield" back in the 1st century BC.

Most of such evidence, no doubt, can be attributed to the fevered imagination of observers: specialists ufologists claim that only 5% of all the "unidentified" objects are not. In the remaining 95% of cases of UFO taken airplanes, meteorites, meteorological sensors, aircraft and other celestial phenomena, as well as a joke … and the "fun" friends. And what are the remaining 5 percent?

We start our investigation with the astrological "Stalinabad" case, which is described in detail in the story by the Strugatsky brothers 'outside'. According to the proposed it chronicles the real events in the middle of August 1957 (possibly inaccurate year), three members of the archaeological team, "PIFA" and a few local residents, the Tajiks have witnessed how the unidentified black helicopters (apparently of extraterrestrial origin) stole four cars, "GAS "a few cows, a small flock of sheep, a few stacks of hay and arachnids being dragged off by his" spaceship "kerosene stove, a can of food, a box of crayons, a diary of all the archaeologists and shards from the excavation of the castle PIFA. One of the "helicopter" was intercepted by fighters and fired armor-piercing projectiles, not to harm him. By the way, on the night of 14 to 15 August in Central Asia and northern Afghanistan for several hours ceased to operate radio communications. One of the archaeologists — Professor Lozovskiy managed to infiltrate the alien spaceship, hoping to establish contact with them. After 3 weeks — at the beginning of September, exhausted and in a state of unconsciousness he landed on Adairskuyu hill.

In the horoscope, built on the evening of August 14, 1957 (the beginning of the events), clearly demonstrates how the configuration of "grand trine", formed Uranus, Moon and Saturn. All aspects between them accurate, but because "grand trine" is tenfold force. Powerful Uranus (in Leo in the corner house) shows that the situation was carrying something new, unexpected and dramatically change the old world. In addition, Uranus has a direct relationship to the cosmos. Saturn (in Sagittarius in the corner house), is associated with a favorable aspect and it symbolizes the old picture of consciousness that is ready to change under the impact of new developments. This trine between "conservative" Saturn and the "revolutionary" Uranus gives us to understand that human contact with extraterrestrial civilizations could indeed take place that day. A complementary picture of the fast wind (XII in Aries in the house), the closing grand trine. She suggests that contact with the aliens from "outside" has been made by some of the victim — perhaps it was the archaeologist Lozovsky, who played the role of "sacrificial lamb"-ram.

So here is a summary: the events described — not fiction, … if only the date 14.08.1957 of the year is correct. Let us turn to the more famous UFO sightings, when not only the date, but even when they become known to the minute!

The era of "little green men"

As we mentioned, the UFO phenomenon is observed by hundreds of years, but a real "boom flying saucers" began about 10 years before the "Stalinabad" event, to be exact — June 24, 1947. On this day, a businessman and part-time amateur pilot Kenneth Arnold in his biplane circled over the mountain massif of Mount Rainier (WA), searching for the crash site of the transport plane — for finding a decent reward promised. About 15 hours of the day, he saw a strange sight — nine silver disks swept through the air with insane speed — 2700 km / h, although at that time the earth's air force was not overcome even the sound barrier — 1200 km / h In this case, the objects of fun bouncing and regrouped in flight — it is absolutely impossible in terms of aerodynamics. "They looked like a plate sliding on the water surface," — stated Arnold. The next day, his story made headlines, prompting an avalanche of other UFO reports, and even personal "contact" with aliens citizens — the so-born ufology.

From the first days of July 1947 in the state of New Mexico UFO has recorded almost daily. And the 7th photographer from Arizona managed to take the first picture of silver discs (K. Arnold has confirmed that he saw the same objects).

Analyze all the eyewitness is just not possible. Therefore, we selected a few cases that deserve special trust and accompanied by accurate information about the time of "unidentified flying objects". For example, the case of Kenneth Arnold, who became a textbook, demonstrates a powerful conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at the point of climax — the appearance of a UFO was seen as a tough, aggressive invasion of alien forces and was widely publicized. Less famous, so-called "Los Angeles-based anomaly" — February 25, 1942 before dawn in the sky over the "city of angels" appeared 15 objects moving at different speeds — from very slow to 360 km / h, at a great height. There was an air-raid alarm, 37th Air Defense Brigade United States released by an unidentified object about a thousand rounds, with no purpose and was not impressed. At the core of this horoscope is a triple conjunction Mars-Saturn-Uranus in Taurus, which perfectly captures the "paramilitary" nature of the event.

19, 26 July and 13 August 1952 the group held a real demonstration of UFO over Washington. The alarm was raised by the Air Force, but the results are not achieved. In all three cases, the strongest planet in the horoscope of the event was Pluto.

On 29 November 1989, about a year, over the territory of Belgium have been repeatedly observed black triangular craft, measuring 30-40 meters, with three emitters of white light in the corners and a flashing orange-red in the middle of a headlamp. And they are regularly seen not only thousands of ordinary people, but also the headquarters of the Belgian Air Force, together with their radars! A "commanded" parade — this time Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

In the vastness of our country, too, there have been interesting encounters with the unknown. For example, "Petrozavodsk phenomenon", which is September 20, 1977 at the same time watched a lot of people did not get an explanation. Around 4 am on the subject of Petrozavodsk appeared large, curly leaves behind a trace. His maneuvers in the Karelian sky accompanied by unusual atmospheric phenomena. Without exception, all the witnesses say the enormity of the phenomenon, its awesome beauty — and panic, fear caused by the encounter. They are definitely related to the specific provisions of Mars, Pluto and Saturn in the horoscope of the event. However, Neptune and Uranus are in this map does not manifest.

Another case of mass contact "ours" with a UFO occurred in Moscow, Vnukovo airport the night May 15, 1981. The object was moving from Tula, at 2 am hovered over the airport. Several Air Force aircraft were raised in the air and made the flight around but did not attack. Hitting hundreds of observers colored fountains of light, "uninvited guest" suddenly disappeared. This map clearly shows the influence of Uranus (in opposition to the Sun), as well as the connection of Saturn, the Moon and Jupiter

1989 was the first year for the Perm region "Year of the UFO": thundered across the country expedition "Molebka" in the so-called "M-sky triangle" where the clock slows down and constantly observed the strange light phenomena. In addition, in the Perm region there have been a number of incidents (more than 20), associated with the UFO, which has been a huge amount of people. For example, February 17, 1989 black body, similar to the "Ostankino television tower", floating above the city, caused a major stir. July 30 and 31 in the suburbs consistently landed cigar-shaped object "plate". On 10 and 11 August, around midnight, watching hemisphere orange, resembled an inverted "C". All Permian cases have in common with each other is one fact — in their horoscopes isolated planetary pair of Saturn and Neptune.

From the point of view of an astrological analysis considered horoscopes are quite different from each other — and thus describe the phenomenon of a different nature! In theory, the "first violin" in all extraterrestrial events should play Uranus — because he is the patron saint of Cosmos. So, the contact with other worlds and forms of intelligence can speak only in those cases where Uranus is strong at the moment of the appearance of a UFO.

Surprisingly, in the considered horoscopes Uranus is very rarely on the first cast! A slow planet — Pluto, Neptune and Saturn in most cases superior to him, and the strength and influence. Pluto has attracted the attention of the general public to the event and focuses on the obscure energies, Neptune perfectly disguises the true meaning of what is happening. And the presence of a strong majority of horoscopes Saturn, not only pumps the horror, but also makes it clear that the UFO phenomenon has often earthly nature.

To the tune of stories

No matter how numerous the emergence of "flying saucers", they have their "favorite" years! Thus, the highest number of UFO accounts for 1942-48, 1965-1967, 1980-1982,

as well as in 1989-1991. Each of these periods marked by major compounds of slow planets! At the beginning of the forties and eighties fell connection Saturn to Pluto, in the middle of the 60's — Uranus and Pluto, and in 1989-1991 — Saturn and Neptune.

Interestingly, all these periods are associated with high political tension in the world and is very difficult, sometimes dramatic historical events. The forties were marked World — during its most significant battles often seen strange objects hanging over the fields of battle. 1947-48-ies., Gave birth to the official ufology, divided the world into two camps, the Iron Curtain and "unleashed" the Cold War.

Mid-60s, in addition to the outbreak of war in Vietnam, opened the space age with the "cosmic struggle for leadership" between the Soviet Union and the United States, causing not only an interest in the problems of interplanetary missions, but also the peak of UFO activity.

Early eighties brought the Iran-Iraq war, the introduction of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, the death of L Brezhnev, the election for the presidency of Ronald Reagan and the imposition of U.S. economic sanctions against the Soviet Union. Again splash appearances unidentified "guests"!

And finally, the last peak of the "mass comings" UFO — 89-91 years of XX century — has coincided with the "perestroika" and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the beginning of the bloody riots in Kosovo and no less bloody events in Tiananmen Square, as well as in Romania.

Although expressed in the horoscopes of the symbolism of Pluto, Neptune and Saturn does not allow for an accurate conclusion about the nature of UFOs, we can be confident about the sense of what is happening — most of those "unidentified flying objects" are not messengers of alien worlds, and the product of our civilization — over-voltage mass consciousness, the possibility of which is still poorly understood.

Rather, periods of great instability and tension in the world, so to say "time of evil," provoke uncontrollable outbursts of mental energy of mankind. Probably under the influence of such feelings as panic, confusion, terror, mass consciousness is able to produce special effects power of nature, which we see as a "fire protection", "flying saucers", cigar-shaped, crescent-shaped, etc. UFO. In fact humanity, arranging war and ethnic conflict, is itself a "ancestor" of the phenomenon, which is so afraid of.

So, these "energy UFO" immaterial or "inomaterialny" — that is, there are other physical laws (distorted). This assumption is confirmed by the practice — often witnesses recall that seen UFOs "trample" the customary laws of physics: gravity overcome, develop unimaginable speed, change the course of time (as in Perm anomalies), etc.

However, apart from a UFO that are born within the Earth's orbit (so to speak from the inside), and no doubt there are "messengers" of other worlds under the control of Uranus. They carry humanity not only panic and terror (as Pluto and Saturn), but the contact with the new reality, the revolutionary technical ideas, a revolution in thinking. In addition, the "aliens from the outside" to pursue their goals — unexpected and unusual for us to understand that we are not able to (this is also the influence of Uranus). For example, in the case of Stalinabad with which we began our astrorassledovanie — a vivid example of the "real" extraterrestrial UFOs. However, the number of "real" cases is small.

Peering into the sky …

Thus, our findings are disappointing: UFO sightings as a thermometer, with which you can measure the temperature of the "diseased" civilization. The more serious the Earth "sick" wars, conflicts and other serious problems — the more likely the chance to see the night sky in a strange glowing object, performing unimaginable stunts …

But what about the contact with the "brothers in mind"? After all, with the light hand of science fiction writers, humanity is already a hundred years dreaming about it! Apparently, the "brothers" visit "sick" with short-term visits, lay a long formal meeting as long as it does not stand on his feet …

Vasilisa Volodin


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