FMS buys gas masks to guide


FMS provides a guide only masks

22fevralya 2011.Na chemical protection means outside Moscow Migration Service plans to spend 1.5 million rubles. But all the staff do not have enough gas masks.
On the official website for the state procurement office of the Federal Migration Service in Moscow region posted an unusual request. Agency intends to acquire civilian gas mask GP-7 at $ 1.5 million.

— Plans to purchase 660 gas masks — said Denis mace, responsible for procurement.

For what purpose is this acquisition, the caller refused to tell. Clarifications were obtained in the press service of the Moscow region FMS.

— We did not want to comment on the first purchase, — said Head of the press service of the Federal Migration Service in Moscow region Xenia Costas — say briefly: for civil defense.

A simple calculation allows us to understand that in the event of emergencies and man-made disasters all FMS employees around Moscow masks will not suffice.

Service departments are open in 50 cities in the region. Also, there are 10 units of migration control. Save, perhaps, will be the most valuable — chiefs.

Yegor Sozaev

Life News Online

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