For Yeti took seriously




The Austrian company Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt, the creator of the popular online game about the Penguins and Yeti, is rapidly gaining momentum, launching more and more new game projects. After the conclusion of a successful agreement with the publisher JoWooD Productions, the company released a first CD, which offers several games about the adventures of the Yeti.

The game "Penguins baseball," which caused a genuine madness in January of this year, has become one of the most successful online flash games in the history of the Internet. Website, launched a few months ago, has recently released a fantastic attendance of 200 million visitors per month, with a constant tendency to increase. The most popular games from fleshevoy in America and Japan, followed by Germany and the countries of eastern Europe.

Order to support their project managers Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt signed a partnership agreement with JoWooD Productions, volunteered to produce products of the brand Yetisports in various media and to represent their interests on the world. Andreas Tobler, a representative of JoWooD, said: "We are happy and proud to present this extremely-popular brand."

Collaboration has already yielded its fruits — the other day on the official website Yetisports opportunity to order the CD-ROM that includes a few games, and exclusive content. In addition to the three already familiar to players of flash drives, the disk is placed fourth part of the adventures yeti is not yet available online. In addition, the disc placed screen savers, as well as a link to the official website of the secret area Yetisports.


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