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Tibetan milk mushroom, tea jellyfish, sea Indian rice … They say anything to you these words? And it's still about ten years ago in many apartments were on the window sills three-liter jars where a floating translucent gelatinous education or something similar to cottage cheese. Along with the craze of alternative medicine in Russia came the fashion for all kinds of tea and milk mushrooms that grow in the forest is not. Of these fungi do a very tasty and, most importantly, useful potions, which are now few people drink. A pity …
Kombucha, also known as tea jellyfish, sea mushroom, mushroom, and many Japanese, and many more. Curl up in the three-liter jar, he revised solution tea leaves and sugar in a very tasty and healthy drink. Although most prefer to use an infusion of black tea, for the most fungi are much nicer green. Green tea it grows better, and brown spots on it does not appear, and there are many more. To prepare tea fungus is not only used black and green tea, but also a huge number of different herbal blends. Good to add a mixture of nettle tea with blackberry leaves, mother and stepmother, plantain, white thorn birch leaves, strawberry, lime blossom. Per liter of solution is taken from two to three teaspoons of herbal mixture per liter of water. Can be prepared in a solution of rose hips to a very tasty drink. Typically, this tea should percolate, and within an hour after welding. You can not use an infusion those teas that contain a lot of essential oils (such as sage, pepper, chamomile, wild currant, and a few others), it can badly affect health.

Rules for the use of Kombucha is very simple. One glass in the morning on an empty stomach about 15 minutes before breakfast, one glass before or after dinner, and the last glass in the evening before bedtime. Not necessarily to drink on a glass — the number you define for yourself. It is advisable to drink kombucha for two months, and a month to take a break to prevent stomach irritation.

Tibetan milk mushroom or fungus Indian yoga is commonly used for fermenting milk — it turns out very useful yogurt. Tibetan fungus can acidify as cow and goat, sheep and horse milk.

To make the right infusion of the sea of rice, you need the following. 1 tablespoon rice half a liter of cold water. Pre-dissolved in water 1 tablespoon sugar. If saharinki get on rice, he is sick. In the water put 10-15 seedless raisins or dried apricots 3-4, add 1 teaspoon of kvass or a piece of dried brown bread. All placed in a glass jar, cover with gauze, put on a bright cool place, but not in the sun. Hastaivat 48 hours, drain and place in refrigerator. Take 100 grams a day for 8-10 minutes before a meal. You can drink at will.

Despite the useful properties of fungi, there are some contraindications. Kombucha is not recommended for use in diabetes, as well as people suffering from fungal diseases. The reason is not in any of the properties of the mushrooms themselves, and in the sugar contained in the infusion. Fungal diseases and diabetes sugar harmful in any foodstuff. Should not eat mushrooms in large quantities, and do not take undiluted extract, you can only do that if he stood for very long and still quite weak. It is not necessary to replace the fermentation of sugar with honey fungus — has not been studied clinically as changes in the composition of the present, so that the consequences of receiving such a drink can be very unpredictable. Strong infusion should not eat before you go to motorists.

As for the Tibetan milk mushroom, you should not drink kefir perekisshy. You should not drink more than 0.7-0.8 liters of yogurt a day. You can not drink kefir in less than 40 minutes before bedtime. If you are a first time in my life started to drink Tibetan kefir, the first 10-14 days it can act as a strong laxative, so do not drink it in the morning before going to work, and best drink in the evening for an hour before bedtime.

Adverse effects from the Sea of rice were observed. But keep in mind that the infusion of Marine rice, cooked in dry acidic apples are much less salubrious than the infusion prepared by dried apricots, raisins and figs.

Some people are engaged in cultivation of tea fungus, believe that it grants wishes. To do this every morning at dawn to contact Kombucha his request. Speak softly, whispering. Some areas of Russian healer using Kombucha in mystery plot. Blessed drug can be cooked yourself, without znaharok. To do this, you need to come to the fungus with love. Keep the fungus in the heat, bathe him, talk to him, ask him for help. Asking for help is necessary so — take a can of mushroom, hug her, hugged her, and clearly, without being distracted and not giving too much information to tell what disease you want to be treated. Before going to bed, repeat the procedure. Jar of kombucha is better to put at the head. In the morning talk again. Those who have tried it claim that these procedures increase the therapeutic properties of the fungus in a few times.

Svetlana Lyzhin


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