Formwork for the latest global economic model. Interview

Formwork for a new world economic model.  InterviewFinancial fever, watch any one year, on a global scale, nature gets acquired disease that threatens the very severe consequences. If for some time to reverse the world aware that in the event that "America will help us" his printing press, but now even this very weird life was under threat. More precisely speaking, the resource itself on the machine ran out of one hundred per cent, with the understanding that and proved that the crisis which descended upon the world a couple of years back.

World then deigned to think that no it is not the crisis, but only a little misunderstanding, which can be sorted out overnight. Only later suddenly come to understand that there is need constructive therapy, but, apparently, economic, medical, able to cut something, and something to sew, so yes, that is sewn earned its fullest, at the right time was not . No matter how it turned out and then …

Now the situation is such makarom that the global financial disease continues to progress, and the world council of physicians just walks around their ailing and prescribe medications — each his own. Someone says that the oil money to throw someone sure to pull the ailing waist belt so that more abuse was anything nepovadno, and someone is sure that this ailing urgently need to kill, and later give birth to a new Zdorovenki .

The third option, by the way, very inspired so called the best of the country's development, which include, and our homeland. Proposals to abandon the dominance dollar fell from the lips of many economists and politicians from other states. Talked about the fact that it is time to do some alternative currency. The Kremlin believes that such currency could become completely ruble. But with all due respect to our national heritage prohibitively expensive, the Russian ruble, the only substance for which it is more or less successfully floats — is an oil and gas. And one has only to go up even small excitement on the surface of the quicksand, as Russian ruble suddenly begins to sink without demonstrating their own candidate the opportunity to become rotten buck.

And it is also the case that many of our citizens as well as population of other countries, South American currency in public waters tons of mud, while they themselves are secretly transferred to the exchangers, and an impressive part of their own clusters specifically in the "green mass" — maybe get lucky …

Chinese economists argue that their yuan can completely change Bucks, but for some reason for all this are struggling to hold their own rising RMB exchange rate, pulling back a global trading platform for its products, which have become common for hundreds of millions and their families.
Because in such a situation to make a shot for the world economy — euthanasia — maybe even after the sound when the chances of having the latest version of the global monetary system. While the brand new financial system is only in the dreams of politicians who want to get to the decline of certain dividends. Even the newest stage of conception of the economy for some reason it does not. To act as a fertilizer, many crave, but bear this unusual "baby" while no one is burning with desire. Because of the sluggish dollar and ruble-yuanevoy phantom candidacy may seem and the truth Pushkin's "unknown to critter."

The situation is a stalemate. European economic "miracle" has shown that if the euro and stand still for a while afloat, it is only due to the departure of a global European integration. A departure from the integration could plunge Europe, and beyond it whole the world to a new peak, from which will be enormously difficult to get out.

The world now has the opportunity to watch as the two major currencies while the present (Bucks and euro) are under profound anesthesia. Suddenly some of them will make a twitch in their own hospital bed, and the monitor — stabilization, and from time to time and may fall under the bed, then everyone starts to bite hard sponge and think, where do you put all that is acquired by overwork.

The Western tradition to solve all their pressing difficulties with long-term loans gradually subsides. In this regard, the banking sector is getting some Giant with feet of clay, which to look really giant, and costs only a little catch — and a pile of debris will fall.
So what then to today's reality may be adequate to the global economy, which will not shake the short-term bouts of agony.

In all likelihood, Bucks, and the euro for all their vain attempts to dominate the world are not able to steer in direction of stability. And if Bucks simply ran out of their own resources, the euro this resource was not found. Creation of the state money will candidacy to the latest escalation of the crisis. But let slide the fact that we called the global monetary system in the gulf to develop new solutions completely unacceptable.

Many economists tend to think that the world is on the threshold of a completely new model of the economy that will not be tied to one of the available currencies. This trend resembles the beginning of the last century, when traditional ideas about the world order, described by Newtonian mechanics and the seemingly unshakeable at the time, suddenly shattered when a theory of relativity. Enough critics who called the new laws in less than nonsense, but time has shown that no even the most on first glance stable system should not resist a constructive revision or consolidation and amendment.

If you translate this trend in the economic sphere, it can be said that segodnyaschy financial system would probably only a small part of a truly global economic integration, for which all of these bucks, euros, rubles and yuan — less than formwork. If so, the formwork can be read, and thanks to the cross examination that still hides behind her.

Brand new financial platform can not begin to work when, in spite of all the words on the monetary globalization and competition, these are not in fact exist. Unending price fixing, artificial barriers, real underpricing of human labor and the use of intermediary network for the whole of the final product will not allow any model correct situation on the planet. One can endlessly trying to build a variety of models, not redefining the total inequality of incomes and expenditures worldwide. Suffice it to say that right now on the planet are not busy work hundreds of millions of people. This is a whole army, the soldiers of which, or simply do not want to wage war for their own well-being, or do not have the ability to do that. And therefore can be any amplify or attenuate the impact of at least some of the available currencies, but would it be a real way?

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