Four-Chelyabinsk with acute leukemia need help


16.01.12.Rebenku need help. In Chelyabinsk, a charity concert in aid of Daniel Gubaidullin. Four year old boy was diagnosed with doctors' acute leukemia. "

Now Daniel is being treated in the Chelyabinsk Oblast Children's Hospital. Acute leukemia — a rapidly growing form of blood cancer. Doctors are fighting for the life of a boy in September last year. The child has already passed several courses of chemotherapy, carries them hard. "Now we go through the course. This is paid by the state, apparently. But we often we go. It is expensive. We can not ride on public transport. We have to carry the machine. Hiring and pay. And plus concomitant medications, "- says Oleg Gubaidullin, father of Daniel.

The boy's parents ask for help.

Details for the transfer of funds to Daniel Gubaidullin:

Personal account 40817810372080026656
Sberbank branch № 210
in the name of Larisa Naumenko (mother of Daniel)
Yandex. Money 410011211765014

Source: STRC Southern Urals

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