France opened the African front alone

France opened the African front alone

Paris wants to achieve a military victory in Mali for two weeks, but without the help of allies will make it difficult
French military in the evening on January 16 30 armored personnel carriers from the Malian capital popped Bamako towards Diabali — town in the north of the country, which was recently taken over by Islamists. President Francois Hollande decided in the shortest time increment group with 800 thousand to 2.5 thousand commandos. He believes that the French, in coordination with the Malian army capable for a small period of time — 1-2 weeks — to break the resistance of the rebels. European allies are in no hurry to lean on France, promising the main logistical and transportation assistance.

— France was the only nation capable of the decisive moment to take responsibility and keep coming Islamist groups in Mali — said «News» last French Minister of Foreign Affairs Hubert Verdin. — We protect the common interests of West Africa, Arab States and Europe. The purpose — to prevent the deployment in the region rear base «Al Qaeda» and other terrorist groups.

Even more sharply in an interview with newspaper «Izvestia» said undecided about EU partners MEP fraction of «green» Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

— The French men headed to the sands of the Sahara without a walk. In Mali, will kill them. If Paris in aid receive a pair of transport planes, nurses and brotherly pat on the shoulder from European partners, the EU is not all right, — he said.

By the transfer of additional troops joined the French in Mali England, Germany and Belgium (any identified two transport aircraft). Willingness to participate in supporting roles also announced Italy, Denmark and Poland. January 17 at a critical meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union in Brussels is expected to adopt decisions on the deployment of the EU mission in Mali on the reorganization and training of personnel of the Malian army — EUTM Mali. Question about sending in Bamako during the second half of February — beginning of March for a period of 15 months about 200 military instructors.

The only real military support expected by the Economic Society of West African States (ECOWAS). Until January 26, will arrive in Mali two thousand soldier of African States. Grouping African peacekeepers will be brought to 3.3 thousand

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the U.S. would not deploy ground troops in Mali, but posodeystvuyut in exploration, real security and air traffic.

— South American role for the French at the moment is more important than, imagine during the operation in Libya — said «Izvestia» military expert Dmitry Litovkin. — There’s coalition allies in aid of cosmic guidance impunity South American strike from the air, and in Mali French Special Forces enter into ground combat.

According Litovkina, U.S. assistance can greatly reduce the likelihood of loss. If Washington is in full use of cosmic and human intelligence, to establish radio interception, it will allow very precise to control the movement of forces Islamists.

6 transport aircraft to the French EU allies also not enough to make a transfer of Africa military equipment, ammunition and other equipment. Real powers to establish such a vehicle bridge, according to an expert in the world have only two powers — the United States and our homeland.

Litovkin believes that France is unlikely to get a hold in Mali «small victorious war» over the short term, that proclaimed president Hollande, after question about the fighting on a large area, much of which is desert.

Do not forget about the significant transaction costs, which will serve as a weary burden on French taxpayers.

In December last year, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the massive international intervention in Mali would cost € 500 million broadcasting company BFM Bussines estimates that already currently in Paris once a day wasted on the African front to € 400 thousand in these costs are coming repeatedly grow.

Igor Yavlyansky

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