Gaddafi gun went around the world?

Gaddafi arms went around the world?

Latvia disown the Libyan plane with Moldovan missiles.

Scandal surrounding the implementation of Moldova arms becomes international. Yesterday, the Latvian Foreign Ministry refuted the Moldovan Ministry of Defence to conclude arms deal with one of the companies registered in Riga. Members of parliament claimed the government's report about what to whom, and for what it means sold. Chisinau media imply that a deal could be struck with Libya, where the product when it flew transport Kishinev plane.

In general, some experts in the Moldovan capital, said that the plane in Moldova could not be loaded and unloaded or reloaded. Who beheld — he knows. The general public is clear only that the plane from Benghazi arrived in Chisinau on the night of Sat. on Tuesday, and on the same day departed from a military cargo to Latvia. On this version of the representatives of the Ministry of Defence insisted Moldova, asserting that the Ministry has concluded a deal with one of the companies registered in Riga. Experts provided that Moldova has sold missiles. According to some reports, MANPADS "Igla". Who is ultimately intended load, the Moldovan military does not want to read, citing commercial confidentiality. Local journalists do not exclude that the recipient is in Libya. Meanwhile, the Latvian Foreign Ministry denied the information on the purchase of the Latvian company in the State Army of Moldova "party of weapons and equipment to Libya."

Neither Latvian company had not requested and did not receive a license to export to Libya of products strategic focus. Latvia in full compliance with the UN resolution and imposed sanctions on Libya because to obtain such a license was unreal. It said the agency BNS spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Janis Sīlis, commenting on media reports that some Latvian enterprise purchased ammunition from Moldova, maybe for Libya. In Latvia, the supervision of the circulation of strategic products produces Committee on the Food strategic focus. At the same time, the Latvian Foreign Ministry inspects information on the export of arms to Libya with the participation of the Latvian company. "If there was information is confirmed, the competent authorities shall act in accordance with the existing legal norms", — concluded Sīlis.
Latvian Radio said it has asked for clarification from the representative of the Ministry of Defence of Moldova. He said subsequently: "I can say one thing: armament will not be used to attack, but to teach. Ammunition is 100% not go to Libya because the European Union or NATO Libya prohibit the sale of guns. Load will be delivered to another country, which can not be called. "

Interested in the history of Moldavian Parliament, much less that the plane flew to arms twice. The official dealer of the Ministry of Defense Alexander Josan said the agency OMEGA, that "Ministry Defense in accordance with the contract Latvian firm sold the consignment in the amount of 60 tons, but it was taken out in two trips. "

Lawmakers from the Party of Communists of Arthur Reshetnikov and Sergiu Sirbu appealed to the government, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, Service info and security and the Customs Service with the request, in which identified a number of issues related to the arrival of the aircraft from Libya, Moldova, and the party of weapons sold by the Ministry of Defence .

"The plane came from areas with very highest fickle, where there is bloodshed. Arrives there, loaded weapons — we do not know what origin, what the purpose — and takes off in an unknown direction, "- explained the reasons for OMEGA request deputy Artur Reshetnikov, who stressed that Moldova has international obligations relating to the arms trade. "We have the exact international obligations: not to sell armament in areas where the embargoes in areas where there is a war in which civilians are killed. On the other hand, does not think the landing / take-off took place without the consent of the government, "- said Reshetnikov, highlighting exactly what these judgments made a number of questions to the address representatives of the current government. In addition, the MP said, there is a huge number of questions relating to the origin of weapons sold, given the fact that in Moldova there is a "zone of impermanence with the separatist regime."

Yesterday, Prime Minister of Moldova Vladimir Filat said at a news conference in Chisinau that vyznat "about the plane of the press." He said that he held a meeting with the management of the competent authorities, where this topic is open a discussion, but declined to provide information on the cargo and destination Fri. "There are certain nuances associated with a hidden part of the deal. When all clear up, respectively information will be made public ", — said Vladimir Filat, adding that in this case the question should be addressed to the Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar said, because" he is the chairman of the commission, which is engaged in the sale of state assets. "

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