ANDREW LEE ON THE SPOT emergency: a microphone and a video camera — his main weapon against barabashek

For nine years in Moscow, there is a unique urban service — "ER with poltergeists." Concerned citizens are turning here when their house starts to happen any devilry.


Each week, the office of "antipoltergeystnoy" rescue, located in the metro area, "Babushkinskaya" comes up to eight signals of supernatural occurrences. Scared to death of people talk about how in their own apartment suddenly start moving plates, books, slippers, or in the bedroom with the blue lights of a blanket on the wallpaper are the bloodstains, and behind some invisible loud sneezes and curses.

With the coming of spring, the number of calls increases dramatically — at barabashek, like the March cats, starts peaking, — says Andrew Lee, head of the "ambulance at poltergeists", inviting me to the next challenge.

Unlike the Hollywood ghost hunters, heroes of the same movie, he is not armed with ultrasonic or laser reflectors. All the equipment fits in a normal suitcase: a miniature video camera, several highly sensitive microphones, some spray cans.


Odd Flat


Cjurupy Street, a 12-storey block of flats. In a three-room "vest" on the sixth floor of the second week in a row or something someone purposefully spoil things: cutting away the tiles in the bathroom, pouring clothes in the hallway, tears out pages from books.

HIGHLY SENSITIVE INDICATOR MOVEMENT: reacts to the slightest fluctuation of air

Three weeks ago, suddenly disappeared from the apartment cockroaches, — says Andrey Gindinovich. — This is a very bad sign. Insects first appearance in the house feel poltergeist.

The door opens us pensioner Tatyana. In the house, but her now no one: the grandson of the school, the daughter of her husband — at work. In the hands of an old lady — porcelain saucer out of the corner without. The impression that he otgryzli piece.

Two days ago, Andrew Lee found in each room and the kitchen appliances observation. Now he carefully studies in infrared mode, video recording, made the day before. That is clearly seen as something to nibble on a piece of saucers, and then spits out the pieces on the floor.

Suddenly our attention away from the screen distracting clatter of dishes in the kitchen. "Once started," — the old woman muttered, picking up the habit shovel and broom. This time barabashka knocked to the floor a small pot and tipped his nose.

Gift-in-law on New Year's — lamenting the pensioner, but do not have time to finish, like something invisible touches the floor of her apron and sweeps past. Grandmother squeals. And Andrew Gindinovich quickly gets out of the bag spray and spray the contents around. The kitchen is filled with white smoke. In the thickening veil is seen as something that is round im run through the vent window.

At this moment I break through sweat, heart ready to jump out of my chest, and hamstring start to tremble treacherously …


Human substance

TRACES Poltergeist: brownie set fire to the toilet paper, and in the bedroom pillow


Talk about the fact that Barabashka — the souls of deceased relatives, creatures from another dimension or aliens, Andrew Lee calls nonsense. Around the supernatural, he gives a scientific explanation. Poltergeist, in his opinion — is uncontrolled, strong emission in the environment of negative psycho-energetic person.

Nine-year practice of ghost hunter shows that Barabashka appear mainly in disadvantaged families. Their source of energy is one of the household, which is in conflict with another member of the family. This may be a kid, and the Elder.

The apartment is on the street Cjurupy mother-in-law for a long time wears away at the tooth-in-law — says researcher abnormal. — The quarrel almost every day. It is not surprising that his hatred of the man's grandmother unknowingly carries on his stuff. Materializing, clumps of her negative energy crushing the tiles in the bathroom, which was recently put in-law, spoiling his favorite books, donated by hitting the dishes. Or there is the case. In Kolomna few years ago burned apartment. The source of the fire has served a 30-year-old woman. She did not get along for a long time with her husband and thus unknowingly threw out their emotions. When I explain to people the true cause of the poltergeist, it usually comes down to nothing.


Ghosts of fraudsters


Unfortunately, or fortunately, most recently Andrew Gindinovichu are increasingly faced with the usual hoaxes. Often, people set fire to something special or break. Or over some silly jokes.

Two years ago in Mytishchi DEZa workers huddled down, trying to understand why in an apartment on the fourth floor on the floor and walls for no apparent reason is a leak — says Lee. — We thought an evil spirit, called priest with a censer. It did not help. Appealed to me. Using hidden cameras, I soon discovered that the puddles specially pours 9-year-old boy.

Another mysterious story ended by the court. Lonely pensioner from Malaya Bronnaya complained if ever hears in the house at night otherworldly howls. Lee found that the sounds come from the neighboring apartment, an office which bought the merchants. Under the pretext of scientific penetrated to business and found attached to the wall powerful speakers that night a strange noise. It turned out, dealers have long tried to move grandma, and she refused. Then they decided to kick it with the sound effects. Traders took the police.



* "Antipoltergeystnaya" service appeared in Moscow in 1994. During this time of more than 700 departures only four percent were "on the case." The others — false. In half of the people who saw barabashek, hallucinations were observed, and they needed help at all other professionals. For each, even a false call Andrew Lee takes 1,500 rubles.

Samson Sholademi

April 1, 2004

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