Ghosts — Reality or Fiction

Ancient times, with what they characterized? That's right, witchcraft, witches, wandering souls, ghosts and other mystical stories. And our modern world than is characterized? Of course, the denial of information is non-white.

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However, many people still believe in mysticism, but scientists often take for all the nonsense and show proof. Therefore, this article look at a few examples of the existence of ghosts and refute them.

So, there is such a thing as a mirage. Many travelers see them in the desert. The scientists argue that such mirages — a reflection in the mirror, not crafts wandering ghosts. Such an object can exist in reality, but the air it reflects like a mirror and moves to another location.

Cast. A very controversial issue. After all, if you have not seen them, it's hard to believe in the word, it is easier to drive in your brain evidence of scientists. What do they say? And the fact that bringing a group of people can see and can not see one. But there is an explanation. In fact, this is not a wandering soul, illusion or hallucination.

The illusion occurs when a person believes in it — that, and then a similar thing is starting to show the existence of the unreal. A hallucination occurs when a person is tired. In his brain receives impulses from sleep, but the person is awake. It was then that he began to seem unreal. Scientists are advised to sleep well. If we talk about the group's vision of ghosts, here too there is an explanation. That is, running a chain reaction. One saw, believed and gave impetus to another and so on chain.

But this scientific opinion. And what can be said about the people who have seen the truth, which dealt with a pair of normal objects. It is not always possible to call all fiction. Therefore, the scientists say their allegations, but the proportion of leave doubts. After all, I did not see one person, does not mean it's not true. So, we place in your mind for the unreal and live a normal life.

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