Giant hail and tornadoes in the state of Ohio. Video. Photo


27.05.11.V U.S. continues deadly spring — the weather has decided to break into pieces now Ohio. Storms, heavy rain and giant hailstones — such terrible weather cocktail fell on the region, said citing
In Ohio, hail the size of a hen's egg. A few people, and lots of cars damaged by impact nepogody.Svoevremennoe warning of the approach of a tornado gave time for many people to take refuge in podvalah.Informatsiya of casualties or damage yet specified.

After seeing the video, you can really imagine the weather.

Recall, last Sunday in Joplin, Missouri, as a result of the tornado killed more than 120 people.

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Frequent tornadoes are a known feature of the climate of North America, in fact, the U.S. has overtaken any other country in the number of tornadoes. The clash of air masses with very different temperature — the main cause of frequent thunderstorms and tornadoes in the central areas of the U.S. in the spring and summer.

Although tornadoes occur in the United States in various regions — and in the plains of Canada and the U.S. east coast and the peninsula of Florida, still the most frequent and severe tornadoes occur in the so-called Alley tornadoes, which are captured by the conventional boundaries of North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas , part of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.

In the cities of these states are special sirens warned of a tornado, and in the construction of houses eschu supplied protivotornadnymi havens.


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