Giant piranha caught at Rostov


The winner of the trophy was unprecedented fishing railwayman from Rostov

14.05.11.Piranyu not seen in nature sizes caught in Salt Lake. Predatory fish weighing nearly three pounds sent an urgent examination.

Unusual catch swallowed the bait railway Chekunova Stanislaus, who came to the lake to go fishing with his sons.

But instead of the usual bass fisherman pulled out of the water an amazing fish.

— On sensitive teeth, I immediately realized that this piranha — says the fisherman. — I have in the tank had little piranhas, but this one was just a huge, weighing in at 2.4 pounds! In nature, they usually do not weigh more than a kilogram, this giant can be grown only in captivity.

Piranha fisherman brought home, not a little frightened toothed trophy wife.
Pecked at the bait piranha weighing two and a half pounds

— I have already started shaking, she looked menacing! Husband has joked, let's get ready, check, they say, whether edible. I refused, not for the world not touch this monster! — Said the fisherman's wife, Svetlana.

The fish was placed in a refrigerator, and her picture was sent to specialists. Employees Azov Research Institute of Fisheries does not believe their eyes when they saw pictures of piranhas, and urgently demanded fish for examination.

— We conducted a survey, it is really huge, just vykormlena in captivity! — Says Yuri Rekov Research Institute. — Piranha do not live with other fish, they eat them, like all living things. Judging by the size and weight as the fish about 2 — 3 years. Most likely, someone living near of hooliganism let her out of the tank into the lake.
Experts fear that the fish-killer could have time to reproduce in the lake

How piranha lived in the lake, is still unknown.

— But for sure it survived the winter in the pond! How she did it, we can not explain to us the appearance of piranhas — an amazing phenomenon. Confronted with this the first time! — Continue to representatives of the Institute.

Now the main task of experts — to determine whether the spawn already caught piranha.

— If released one piranha — it's not so bad, and if at least two, then they might have to give offspring. Do piranhas have one feature — they can change sex. If the pond has two piranhas one sex, one of them to change the floor, and they were fruitful, — say the staff of the Institute.

Made whether the fish-killer offspring will be known in a few weeks after the end of the study.

— If fears are confirmed, Salt Lake will be dangerous for people — said Stanislav Chekunov. — Even imagine scary that can mess things up a piranha in the pond, where hundreds of people going!

Nikita Mogutin

Life News Online

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