Giant waves washed over the steam


It is this vapor that Superspeed engine failure after falling into a giant wave. (Photo: Color Line / Anders Martinsen)

December 3. On Saturday afternoon a large wave hit the? Ferry Superspeed, which led to the engine is at a time when the ship sailed between Hithetch and Kristiansand in Norway.

— We were just amazed at what a great wave rushed across the bridge. Wave hit the vent valve and the water has reached the control panel, stop the engine, the director of Color Line, — Od Grönberg.

A few minutes later, the crew managed to get the engine and steam without assistance continued progress in Kristiansand, although at a slower rate.

For security ship Superspeed his way left escort tug to Kristiansand.

During the incident on board were 350 passengers and 100 crew members.

Translation: Alex Crete
Source: BT

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