Giglio Island threatens an environmental disaster. Video


18.01.12.Poka Rescuers search for missing wrecked ship, a new threat looms over the Italian island of Giglio. If in the reservoir Costa Concordia 2380 tons of fuel will spill into the sea, the effects of an environmental disaster is difficult to overestimate.

Pumping of fuel should take "at least three weeks," as the vessel remains afloat, — said the executive director of the Royal Boscalis, a Dutch company, which commissioned the work.

"If a disaster happens, it will affect all of us. This will mean a tragedy for the island of Giglio after — protected by the state park, "- said the man.

"The catastrophe will affect not only our island, but all the coast, which lives exclusively through tourism," — adds the woman.

According to Italian media, the government intends to announce in the area of emergency airliner crash.

More than 70 Italian passengers Costa Concordia filed a collective action in the Court of Genoa. They are going to recover from the company that owns the ship 10 thousand euros for moral and material damage. With this complaint are going to go to court about Toulon and hundreds of French passengers.

Source: Euronews

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