Girl drink your brain to get rid of headaches


Young woman recovered from unbearable headaches after doctors taught her "drink" their own brain fluid.

26-year-old Sam Chaplin was suffering from a rare disease called intracranial hypertension.

This leads to the fact that in the skull nakaplivayuschayacya fluid pressure on the brain and, in extreme cases it can even lead to blindness. Sam's condition was so severe that she was bedridden and doctors believed that she was close to a stroke.


But once they have found a way to remove excess fluid from her brain to the stomach, her life changed. Drain, also known as gastro-peritoneal shunt, combined brain and stomach, allowing it to digest their brain fluid and relieve the pressure on the brain.

"Before, my life was pretty miserable. I spent all day in bed and I was filled with pity for herself. I did not want to live because I had no life as such, but only terrible headaches. I have tried many medications that either do not help or given a short-term effect, so when my doctor advised me to install a shunt, I jumped at the chance — said Sam.

Sam first noticed signs of illness in January 2010 while working at the bar.

"I worked behind the bar and suddenly my vision deteriorated, I could not see the customers. All a blur in front of me and I felt very strange. It was very scary and I immediately went to the hospital, "- she said.

Sam was sent to a number of experts who suspected that she may have a brain tumor. Fortunately, after a series of tests, a brain tumor has been removed from the list of possible causes of the disease. However, doctors have not been able to determine what happened to her. Experts have found the true cause of her health problems only after a lumbar puncture.

The human brain is surrounded by a fluid that protects the brain from hitting the wall of the skull, but the body, Sam turns out to produce the liquid three times more than normal. Even after a diagnosis and taking 17 different medications a day, Sam continued to suffer from terrible headaches.

It was only in May last year, the girl was installed a shunt to drain the excess fluid. Sam hoped for immediate relief, but her brain took a while to get used to the foreign body. After a while, Sam brain has adapted to the changes and since then she is living a normal life again.

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