Gun-maker — Igor Yakovlevich Stechkin

"Poor thing smasterennaya always gives me a protest."
Igor Stechkin

Gun-maker - Igor Yakovlevich StechkinIgor Yakovlevich Stechkin was born in 1922. Russian teens designer took place in the Tula region (town Aleksino), but in 1935 his family moved to Tula. Friends and relatives Stechkina a long time could not understand, like an intelligent young man who grew up in a family of forensic medical professional, has never been favorable to military affairs, could awaken a desire to participate in the development of weapons. At the same time, many noted passion grandfather coming designer as cool and firearms. Giving beloved cause a lot of effort and time, the pensioner could infect them and the immediate family — friends of the family was struck by how easy it was ruled by the spouse with the fishing gear, and a grandson by the 12-year could easily repair the gun, and then — even got more personal trunks.

"They said that immediately after birth, I began to swaddle on the cabinet where his father kept a gun. Maybe it had an impact on the choice of craft. "

Inventive talent was not deprived of the designer and his uncle — an outstanding scientist who has left noticeable mark in the field of hydrodynamics and heat engineering. Thanks to advanced his theory of thermal calculation of aircraft, as well — air missile engines he went down in history as one of the founders of the Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). On the maternal relative of the band Stechkina accounted Academy Zhukovsky Zhukovsky, known as the first ever Director of TsAGI. That's why zeal Igor Jakovljevic already in his early years to devote himself to science, and specifically the design of instruments was a natural event. Outstanding features of this person also applied to daily life — he easily repaired complicated technology, electrical appliances and even furniture built with their own hands, cast jewelry, even a well-painted on. On the table and in the closet Stechkina always kept operational instruments to which it is addressed on the first free moment.

After graduating from high school in 1941, he enrolled in the Tula Mechanical Institute. Even then, brightest possible future design tools have allowed him to declare loudly for themselves. A successful defense of the thesis entitled "Self-loading pistol caliber 7.65 mm" in 1941 under the control of NF Makarov brought him to a place in the CDB-14, where his responsibilities came the development of small guns. Members of the department of small guns were a lot of surprised not only a student's ability to navigate complex drawings and diagrams, and even pushed them innovative ideas, many of which even they seemed very improbable. But the point of all these fluctuations shot put blank cartridge pistol, the creation of which took about 2-years of dogged work of excellent young man. Stechkin was "excellent" and in May 1948 he was appointed engineer. Nine-gun, equipped with a high capacity magazine and giving the opportunity to lead both single and automatic fire — specifically looked so the first task to perform which began designer on the new workplace.

Gun-maker - Igor Yakovlevich StechkinA distinctive feature of the traditional sub-machine gun is shooting from the rear sear in which the capsule is broken firmly fixed drummer, with all this achieves the front gate and the parallel provisions shall be sent to chamber a cartridge itself. Significant weight shutter between 500 and 700 grams, it is a prerequisite for the configuration of the tool position when a particular movement in a frontal position. In the conduct of firing single shots is significantly affects its performance. In the conduct of continuous fire design of automatic weapons, in particular, imply a change of the firing mechanism, does not give the highest accuracy of the indicator. The reason for this is that the highest rate of fire, carried out in the criteria of merit moving parts with the latest regulations, provoking significant fluctuations guns, because of what the ultimate goal of achieving at least one or two bullets fired from a gun. So Makar, improvement design of a pistol was to be implemented in 2-ways: reducing the rate of fire to around 600-800 beats per minute, and is capable of firing from a closed bolt. To solve this dilemma could be entering into the construction of a new element — the moderator. The main objective is to enhance its response time for the trigger.

Later designer recalled that among the requirements for the newcomer type guns, considered as an opportunity to lead a single and automatic fire on a far distance (200 meters), the presence of a huge store of cartridges, the ability to use the holster as a stock. First experienced model presented Steckin after the approval of plans and designs, had a shop with 20 rounds of ammunition. Factory tests took place from 24 January 1948 to 14 January 1949. Despite the fact that the overall results were highly appreciated by the test committee, there are significant design flaws: very significant mass of the gun and holster, the low accuracy of hits, unnecessary self-switching of an interpreter. The results of these tests, it was decided to make two new standard pistol for the polygon tests that took place in 1949 during the period from April 16 to June 22.

Comparative analysis of the latest developments with the Submachine Gun and Mauser "Aster" impressively substantiated that the Russian model of gun or what is not inferior to the PSP and even surpassed Mauser in many respects. Effective range of 200 meters, the ability to conduct long shooting without reloading unfrequented tools, wood holster were substantial arguments in favor of developing Stechkina. Despite the shortcomings of the model, found and marked in the course of the tests, the committee members recognized the pistol match the requirements of the technical and tactical requirements and recommended to clean model for further work to improve.

"This gun — As first love. Later, I wondered where was taken so much effort and skill. Fidel Castro kept Stechkina under the pillow, Rutskoi found it most appropriate instrument. And who and where else use it, I do not remember. "

The tribunal of the commission were also presented model implements designed Voevodin PV, too — MT Kalashnikov In the bidding process model Vojvodina has been removed from the upcoming role because not passed basic tests. Technical and tactical characteristics of the model presented Kalashnikov were found inconsistent with the requirements put forward even after its completion. As a result of this model Stechkina came into absolute favorites, showing the best fit to the burning structure at the time the order.

Made according to the traditional scheme first reference implies the presence of a barrel revertible spring, as the trigger, the equipped open trigger. Located at the gate lever cover-fuses were parallel to the fire as a translator and store ammunition. But the design of the gun is still in need of refinement severe: in addition to the above-me
ntioned drawbacks associated with significant weight and unreliability of the holster and pistol, he was of the inherent instability of the moderator, a small spring life sear lever and the transmission, the availability of facilities sight only 25 and 75 meters. Separately were also marked a significant time required to assemble the model, and its unpresentable appearance.

The result of the stubborn labor Igor Stechkin has become more advanced model of the gun. Mass of the holster, and specifically, the implements were significantly reduced. Impact, the trigger mechanism and zamedlitelny been substantially improved; while parsing and assembling the gun fell by about four times. The number of parts has been reduced, are part of the design elements are substantially alleviated and shooting accuracy increased thanks to the improved design holster-butt. Additional capacity were introduced 20 Position sight 5, 50, 100, and hundreds meters head flag is considerably increased and revertible spring is located on the trunk. Changing the shape of the shutter angle of the handle and change the overall length of the gun in a meaningful way affected the appearance of the gun. After testing the improved model commission remained one hundred percent happy with the result and decided on the issuance of a large party tools to carry out the tests already in different weather criteria.

Gun-maker - Igor Yakovlevich StechkinQuite on the Russian army weapons Stechkin pistol was adopted 3 December 1951. Newcomer gun sight was given the name APS (Stechkin automatic pistol). It was intended to arm the tank crews, border guards, officers, going on a "hot", and for a number of special forces soldier. The highest demand for an explanation of his Stechkin good fire power and small size, making it useful in situations in which the introduction of a massive weapons is not feasible (for tank crews, pilots, etc.). Development Stechkina had no analogues in the West right up to the end of the 50 years of the twentieth century. Due to the unusual rise in crime in the 80-90th years of the last century, the MTA has received wide distribution in the middle of the Interior Ministry officials as a more powerful replacement of standard Makarov pistol. Even today this gun be successfully used in nearly all military operations around the world, representing a benign candidacy of personal self-defense weapon.

"I do not know anything about politics. Once Chernomyrdin came to Tula. I was entrusted to hand him the gun "Cobalt". I had to go to her brother and find out who all the same such that Chernomyrdin. Luckily it was the first and last time I met a politician. "

The result of many years of labor IJ Stechkina have deserved the Order of the Red Banner, medals "For Labor," "For honest work into a sublime Russian War," "Badge of Honor", the symbol of the town of Tula "For the awards to the city." Also, the eminent scientist was awarded the Stalin Prize, State Prize of the USSR, as well Prize SI Mosin. The last merit, the award Stechkin, became the title of "Honored constructor Russia", issued to him by the President of Russian Federation in 1992.

As the developer of favorite models are very gun Steckin always recognized that his true role is not to attack, but in defense. Friends remember him first as a moderate man who loved not too much attention to yourself and to not sought nor riches, nor for luxury. He lived with his own wife and youngest offspring named Yaroslav the normal two-bedroom apartment, where most of the furniture was purchased by another Stalin Prize and has never been updated since that time.

"I can firmly say that I am one-woman man. In my life there was one wife, one apartment, a job, a car. I have a pencil, which I use for a hundred years. "

Igor Y. until the last day or worked at the Central Design Bureau of Sporting and hunting guns, which is a branch of the notorious town of Tula Instrument Design Bureau. Suspend this man could not even languid disease. Restricting ourselves sick leave, despite his advanced age and deteriorating health, he continued to work. The list of his works includes pistols "Berdysh", "dart", "Pernach"; gun "Cobalt", shortened Machine "Modern", "Abakan", and — anti-tank missiles "Fagot" and "Competition". In total, the scientist is the creator of more than fifty inventions and developments over sixty.

"By order of special services in the fifties, I did spy gun. For it was coined by a special cartridge, not producing no noise, no smoke, no fire at the time of the shot. During the audit, we blurted out the gun into the wall of the studio, almost immediately realized that on the other side of the wall is a portrait of Stalin. The bullet passed just a couple of inches from the portrait. We were very lucky. "

Once the health Stechkina significantly worsened he was transferred home to him until the last day or caring son and ex-wife. TsKIB supported by professional designers by providing funds for medication, but it did not help. Igor Y. died of cancer Nov. 28, 2001 at the hands of his son. He was 70 nine years. It came out the other day, almost 50-year anniversary of arming themselves known Stechkin, the first creation of excellent developer. He was buried at the Tula City Cemetery. At the funeral it was a huge amount of people. They carried the coffin reddish cloves in a symbol of remembrance professional person who left a noticeable mark on the history of Russian weapons case.

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