Gunshot The Kid

Gunshot "The Kid"Often, employees need different intelligence agencies appears in a firearm that is tolerable when the properties would be small-sized and secretive. For the "experts liquidators" gunsmiths at times make different cover system installation, but for most users, they do not fit. In this case, more appropriate solution prepyadstviya look compact pistols. One of the most recognizable members of this category of weapons is a Belgian Bayard 1908. But in our country has created several similar samples.

In the first half of the 90-ies of the last century designer Tula TsKIB COO YI Berezin has developed its own version for the shelter carrying guns. According to his idea gun under the title of OC-21, or "Little Boy" was to become full-time employees intelligence tool, as a means of self-defense of those persons who have not appropriate for themselves when something like a Makarov pistol, but tool required. Ammunition for the new pistol was elected ordinary cartridge 9x18mm PM. Despite the very small dimensions do not chuck the Berezina managed to fit in a small size as a virtual gun and shop for 5 rounds. With all the width of the gun, match name, was malehankih — less than 2-cm length of the OC-21, in turn, is 126 mm, and height — 100. Remarkable performance, especially against the background of "high-grade" pistols.

Gunshot "The Kid"But the OC-21 interest are not only the size. Following the shooting of this gun, it is possible to imagine that the automation is made on the basis of free blow, because the shot goes back gate guard, and from the respective windows on it ejected cartridge cases. Under this assumption, there is some truth — extraction cartridge and chambering a new cartridge in the "kids" really are performed by the energy of the impact. But it does not affect the hammer cocked. The fact is that the convenience of wearing nestled required the designer to remove the outer surface of the "kids" all protruding parts. One of the "extra" parts was flag fuse. And because of the lack of security at the last appeal with a gun was "instructed" trigger mechanism and trigger assembly and staples. USM "kids" only works in a double act. This means that the hammer cocking and ds is in the 1st pressing the trigger. Accordingly, the trigger is placed inside the casing shutter and does not project beyond it. In turn, trigger a relatively large pressing force — about 6 pounds. On the one hand, the creation of a shot from the OC-21 is more difficult than other guns, but on the other — on the hook for any inadvertent almost always lead to fire. At first there were some users some claim to that substitution of the fuse, but little experience in operating "kids" forced to change the world.

Pistol ammunition supply by means of detachable box magazine, in which are placed on a par 5 rounds 9x18mm PM. Latch store is placed on the bottom side of the handle. Separately, it should be noted entity that is on the bottom of the magazine: the small size of the gun and impacted on the size of the handle. As a result, keeping the gun was not entirely comfortable. To solve this prepyadstviya on the lower bound of the store is attached a special overlay specific form. Thanks to the lower finger hand lying on the front face handle does not slip off her down. Also with some skill you can further support gun pinky, wound up the underside of the pad shop.

Gunshot "The Kid"

Sights "Kid" as the trigger guard or were in some measure to change: the role and flies, and the rear sight takes a rectangular groove profile done on the upper surface of the housing is pressed. Naturally, consuming huge distances or amendments to the wind with these sights are not possible, but on the small distances, which is designed and OC-21, he is fully fit. In the end, thanks to the barrel length of 63.5 mm and a sighting groove holes from shots from a distance of 10 meters are placed in a circle, the diameter of which does not exceed 60-65 mm. Berezin himself a couple of times claimed that the tolerable accuracy is preserved at 25 meters, but for a concealed weapon of self-defense, this distance is not working and, as a consequence, the results of shooting at 25 meters and more than not are of particular interest, though, and are a definite cause for pride creators structure.

On the basis of the ordinary "kid" was created a few modifications:
— OC-21C ("C" — the service). Differs from the basic model used cartridge. There is 9h17 mm K. Designed for security firms, including personal;
— OC-26. Just as OC-21C differs from the original cartridge — 5.45 x18 MOC. Unlike some other types of instruments under this cartridge not widely used.

OC-21 "Little Boy" and was intrigued by the power structures in the middle of the 90 was adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is also information about how to use a gun as a weapon of self-defense officials and the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor's Office. At the end of 2005 by the Government of gun OC-21 was included in the list of premium tools. On this occasion, were deployed creating gift version. From the ordinary, whose parts are oxidation, it differs nickel-plated.

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