He was the first bomber capable of get away from the fighters — Security (USSR)

Autumn 1936. In Spanish, the sky appeared republican bombers. Their interception came fighters — German Messerschmitt and Spanish Fiats. Not many could have imagined that the bombers typing speed will go from the enemy. History has never known such option, and it marked the end of complete domination in the sky fighters. Republican bombers were Russian aircraft designed Tupolev and received the title of SB — High bomber.

He was the first bomber capable of get away from the fighters - Security (USSR)

According to the tasks assigned to the Russian designers, it is clear that the future bomber will be an extraordinary machine — in TTP was registered figure of 330 km / h for the speed of modern machines, despite the fact that at that time the highest rate of aircraft was a figure of 270 km / h ( 1933 year). You can recognize pilots — at least some of the highest speed of the aircraft in combat — this is the main component, and for congested bombers — generally limit desires.

Bomber with the highest rate of flight was scheduled to frontline bombers for joint action with other troops of the army. Because the bombers can not always accompany aircraft cover, they had to be a real battle air unit — making major job to defend themselves with arms and machine-gun mounted as needed to get away from the enemy at high speed.

At the approach to the assignment, were evaluated the ability of modern Russian aircraft industry, because absolutely no case to develop a new high-speed bomber commissioned famous aircraft A.Arkhangelsky. Specifically, he led a little earlier draft fighter monoplane in a twin-engine performance, which had the highest rate of flight.

High-speed bomber created in the configuration cantilever monoplane covered with smooth skin and secured with retractable landing gear. First experienced the standard was completed in 1934 and early October the first time he ascends into the sky. Two motor mounted M-25 air-cooling of the bomber able to overclock up to 325 km / h And the first of December in the sky rises the second most experienced model, which has already established a massive engines M-100. At the trials bomber headed for the speed at 424 km / h at an altitude of about 4 km. The highest lift height bomber was almost 10 km.

He was the first bomber capable of get away from the fighters - Security (USSR)

SB bomber reaching enormous speeds, and brought the first previously unknown problems under the title flutter. Was urgently developed the theory of a new type of vibration, thus coming in, many Russian aircraft to avoid problems. Bomber modify according to new estimates. This high-speed bomber and was put into mass creation.

Specifically serial SAT and were delivered the Republican Air Force, they changed the whole theory of the introduction of combat bombers, and forced opponents shudder at the sound issued bombers in the sky. Russian designers and engineers have carefully watched the combat use of the bombers, and added or modified the configuration modifications Sat Creating a Security and its modifications lasted until mid-1941.

1937. Security is enhanced engines M-103 and sets a world record for lifting cargo to a height — one ton of cargo was raised to a height of 12.24 kilometers.

1938. SC serial bombers begin to produce motors with the M-103. Increased the required load bombers and a half tons. Apart from this, the bombers get the screws with variable pitch, reduce the overall aerodynamic drag bombers, using tunnel radiators for cooling motors. Most speed Security is growing and is 450 km / h

Germany began fighting acts and triumphantly marching through Europe. Before the Russian designers put the puzzles to create a front-line combat bomber — dive bomber. Required a bomber capable of delivering crisp air strikes at tremendous speeds. Bimbo modification Security with new motors VC-105 has received the title of AP-2. He had the speed to 480 km / h and was rising to a height of 10 km.

He was the first bomber capable of get away from the fighters - Security (USSR)

At the end of 1930 — ies in the Russian Union appeared for the first time plane who had a non-standard solution — nose landing gear wheel. This scheme aircraft landing gear in the upcoming became standard in subsequent aircraft. SB bomber became known not only for being the first, and the fact that many of the design solutions, units and abilities began to be used on virtually all subsequent aircraft:
— untainted aerodynamic shape;
— the greatest reduction of fuselage;
— compacted installation of equipment;
— sleek and lightweight aluminum siding;
— the introduction of a very strong aluminum alloys;
— introduction of alloy steel;
— type of gear retracted;
— hydraulic landing gear and wing;
— variable pitch propeller.

He was the first bomber capable of get away from the fighters - Security (USSR)

Modifications bombers out systematically and different motors installed in the main and nose-over, standard armament and avionics. Last modification of SB — Ar-2, was deeply upgraded high-speed bombers were able to create the bombing at tremendous speeds in swordplay. The total number of serial bomber SB series — 6,831 aircraft.

Combat application:
Security was used in the fighting on the ground in Spain, China, Lake Khasan, in Halkin-Gol, Western Ukraine, Bessarabia, Belarus and Finland. Security Council passed Czechoslovakia and there produced under license, were used as part of the Bulgarian Air Force and even Finland (trophy).

At the beginning of World War II bombers have become obsolete, replaced by them went Pe-2. But by the beginning of hostilities Security and modifications were more than 70 per cent of the bombers. Estimated number of modifications in the ranks Security Force Russian Union of mid-1941 — 3.5 thousand aircraft. They were armed with 27 regiments to ensure the safety of the Union of Russian western border. In the first days of the war was lost around 1200-1300 bombers series SB.

He was the first bomber capable of get away from the fighters - Security (USSR)

In 1943, SB bombers were systematically replace the aircraft with the best features of the Pe-2 and supplied the Allies Mitchell and Boston. In 1944, they were joined
by the Tu-2. Sat, output from service, but not gone completely "retired" and used as a fairly high-speed transport carriers and aircraft communications.

The main features:
— length — 12.1 m;
— Wing — 22 meters;
— weight — 7.8 tonnes;
— body armor — 9mm armored plate behind the pilot;
— Power — 2 M-103 engine rated at 960 hp;
— speed up to 450 km / h;
— altitude ceiling to 10.5 km;
— the required standard load / max — 0.5/1.5 tonnes;
— the armament — 4 ShKAS 7.62mm machine gun;
— range of actions to 2.3 thousand kilometers.

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