Healing Stones. To cleanse the body and mind




The extraordinary beauty of the stone peridot has an amazing olive-green color. In fact, it is a silicate of magnesium and iron from dark yellow to dark green varying degrees of transparency, until opaque. Highly transparent samples of green with a yellow tint called chrysolites. Olivine, used as jewelry, are called peridots.

These stones are known for a long time. In ancient times believed that those who wear peridot, gaining the sympathy of others, they provided coup. Besides olivine considered a reliable antidote to depression and jealousy. Olivine beneficial to the liver and brain.

Olivine worn as an amulet. He holds the assets of its owner from fire and theft, protect them from their enemies, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (evil demons), treats impotence. As a talisman olivine attracts happiness (luck) in all undertakings, and in men gives rise to passion.

Peridot protects those born under the sign of Leo, brings them a peaceful sleep and rest, banishes nightmares. To beryl strengthened spiritual powers and gives people the gift of predicting the future, it necessarily need to wear a gold frame. It is these beautiful items were astrologers and soothsayers.

Ancient physicians believed that chrysotile can even cure stuttering, and the famous physician of antiquity Amirdovlate Amasnatsi recommended to wear beryl anyone with deteriorating eyesight.

Peridot used the residents of ancient Egypt and Atlantis. The Aztecs and the Incas believed that it "cleanses the body and mind." Peridot promotes better digestion, healing of intestinal ulcers and digestive tract. Like other stones that help the digestive system, it gives its owner the opportunity to get rid of negative emotions.

Especially useful for peridot splenic chakra, which is located just below the navel. It improves the pancreas and gall bladder and the liver purifies, improving its function. For the normalization of the liver is useful in the morning to drink the water, which at night was put peridot.


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