High-tech airships will become the new missile shield America

High-tech airships will become the new missile shield America
After September 11, America lives with the understanding of the fact that it can be attacked at any moment. And keeping in mind the likely worst-case scenario, the U.S. military will improve safety in continuous system. Now set up a queue of Washington — he gets defensive airships.

True to call JLENS system from the company «Raytheon» airships simple — this means to render military service not a good contractor. These flying fortress spyware size of a house can identify hazards which do not see even the most massive terrestrial radars. They can hunt down and noticing soaring cruise missiles, ships, lay mines, armed drones, and generally almost anything approaching from a distance of several hundred miles in the 360 ​​degrees, and respond to it in real time. What may be even more impressive — JLENS system can be in the air all day and night watching the ground base or settlement up to 30 days without the need for refueling or maintenance. Of course, it is still preferable to a very expensive fleet of 5 spy planes that will be required to perform the same tasks, which makes JLENS less than half the effort.

Somewhere in the 2014 Department of Defense will deploy a couple of airships JLENS over Washington County to oversee the U.S. capital. The system itself consists of a 2-balloons: One of them is equipped with fire control radar, which provides information for targeting, and the other — the radar observations, which can build up in all directions. Hovering at a height of three thousand feet above the ground, JLENS will build up to the area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean.

Airships have already been successful tests in Utah and at the moment are on the way to Washington.

When all the necessary operations will be done by the Ministry of Defense will be able to spend up to 700 percent less on system JLENS, than spy planes, and with all this getting palpably stronger protection against many types of threats.

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