Hooked on the South Ural fisherman caught a piranha. Video


11.07.11.Ekzotichesky catch fishermen Chebarkulsky district. The fish, which traditionally lives in South America, fell for the bait a few kilometers from the village Misyash. Toothy discovery carefully inspected and made a conclusion on the hook — piranha.

This fisherman on Lake Misyash now learn from afar. Among all the other fishermen Valery Ustinov certainly local "superstar." His story has become number one in the list of stories, which tell on this shore. About how hoping to catch dace and bream, and met the "sea monster". "When pulled closer, he noticed that the head is not the same kind — says Valery Ustinov and fisherman. — And pulled out, and terrible teeth spotted. Even scared. "

South Urals scaly species fishermen find scared too. And he showed his teeth — imposing, triangular and in several rows. Catch behaved actively and aggressively — was pulled back in the hope of hiding in a pond. However, the fish of the procedure of identification, then — overhaul. Aquarist Anatoly Ilyin states: an ordinary worm South Ural South American piranha caught at the age of five. "This fish is not for our climate, but if it is adaptable and able to survive the winter, it's good, it will not bring us anything. She is a very predatory, and if divorced, it's dangerous for the children ", — said Anatoly Ilyin.

"Where did she come from? Someone has apparently abandoned, and it probably is not one, — says Nikolay Vyunnik and fisherman. — That is alarming. "

The emergence of overseas visitors to the lake Misyash experts explain very simply, many fans are choosing exotic piranhas as pets, but they forget that they are growing rapidly. When the fish is no longer placed in the aquarium, it will often decide to throw — in the nearest body of water. Little pleasant and domestic tourists, and for most of piranhas. However, as scientists advise, ichthyologists, there are other ways to get rid of annoying piranha: pass to the aquarium, turned into a stuffed animal or cook dinner.

Xenia Komissarov, Elena Maximova

Source: STRC "South Ural"

From the time factor:

It is worth noting that this is not the first appearance of exotic fish species in not their usual habitat, this year in my experience this is a message 6.

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