Chinese military resource immense published an article about how the negotiations were conducted with the Soviet Union, and then Russia for the purchase of Su-27 fighters and industrial bands for their assembly (material provided with some cuts — «VP»).
Appropriate factor of success of negotiations for the acquisition of Su-27 was a warming of relations between countries with 2 after the visit of MS Gorbachev to China. Following the deterioration of the Russian economy, is experiencing a shortage of hard currency, has led to the expansion of trade instrument. China’s economy, by contrast, showed the highest growth rates. In 1992, Our homeland and China have gained agreement for the sale / purchase of the Su-27 in the amount of 1.8 billion U.S. dollars.
September 17, 1990 Chinese military delegation visited Moscow Region Kubinka airfield that was used to test military aircraft. According to some data, then existing Russian Alliance recommended that China buy the MiG-29, but China has torn this sentence. True Chinese knew this plane compared with the Su-27 was a «low-grade front-line fighter.» Su-27 was equipped wire control system (though not so perfect as the western fighters), but the MiG-29 was equipped with archaic hydromechanical control system.
AL-31F engine Su-27 had a huge craving (also the best specific cravings) and lifespan than RD-33 MiG-29 fighter.
In November 1990, the parties have gained agreement for the supply of the first batch of Su-27SK fighters. This news shocked the West. June 27, 1992 the first batch of 12 aircraft (eight single Su-27SK and Su-four double 27UBK) flew to China from the airfield Dzhida Baikal Military Area. In 1995, it reached an agreement to supply the second party, but has improved Su-27SMK of 24 machines. This version had a post-flight refueling (on the left side of the bow), two pylons for suspension of external fuel tanks of 500 liters, also increased to 9965 kg in store domestic fuel (standard Su-27S tanks could hold in the internal 9400 kg — «VP «). Without refueling Su-27SMK could fly from Beijing to Singapore with one refueling fighter overcame 5200 km (flight time 7:00). Maximum weight of the payload has been increased from 4000 to 8000 kg.
Our homeland was unwilling to sell the license and the production line of the Su-27, but China has issued an ultimatum that in this case, will buy at least 48 fighters. In 1993, Our homeland has agreed to provide techno documentation license and a production line for the Su-27. In November 1993, a Chinese company of the aviation industry and the General Staff of the PLA signed an agreement to develop its version of the Su-27 and its production. The right to these works received the Shenyang Aircraft Company. Our homeland has pledged to provide technical assistance for the organization of licensed production.
Local production of the Su-27 from China claimed the development of advanced manufacturing processes. In 1996, Our homeland has signed a contract for the supply of 200 kits cost 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. In the first step the Shenyang plant started assembly of prefabricated kits and imported equipment (first batch 24 cars). The situation was aggravated with Taiwan, and the PLA Air Force needed a more advanced model of the Su-27 (walking rumors that Our homeland in the form of finished aircraft put a certain number of combatant Su-27 regiments of air defense).
Thanks to the efforts of Chinese engineers at licensed Su-27 was used by a huge number of titanium alloys, mastered EBW chassis parts from durable structural steel and other leading technologies. Welding needed almost 10 thousand pieces of the airframe. In addition to the usual types of welding used diffusion, vacuum, laser, plasma and arc welding technology types. In general, the transition to the production of the Su-27 license granted Chinese designation J-11, was spirited. The decisive question for the production of weapons for the aircraft.
December 16, 1998 Air Force test pilot Fu Guoxiang raised to the sky first J-11. During this flight leaders personally watched the Chinese Communist Party, hailed it as a «first victory».

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