How we survived the earthquake


13.01.12.Kak Kyzyl residents on Tuesday, 27 December 2011, survived the earthquake, which experienced late at night — in 23 hours 21 minutes? Their actions, feelings during a strong push and conclusions — after him.

Their views, even in days of January 2012, coming out of shock, kyzylchane shared with the "center of Asia."

Victoria Mongush, pensioner:

— When it was shaking, my husband and I tried not to panic. Dressed, would be quick to leave, but I had to search long for a cat. She huddled in the far corner. And on the eve of it we did not leave a single step, and she went after him, mewing, asks on his hands. Thought she was hungry, did not even know what it is fed.

When found, the cat clung to me, her eyes anxious, ears like radars, moving. Ran out into the yard, standing at night on a thirty-frost cold, families in private homes not around. Where will you go? It is early in the morning to let the TV running stitch, you can wait it out at school, and then pomerzli, pomerzli and decided to go back to the apartment, what will be, will be.

The next day, met her neighbor, she said she called her grandson from Canada, "Baba, you have a few minutes to an earthquake: 6 — 7 points." From some U.S. sources learned that will be an earthquake with its epicenter in Tuva's grandmother rushed in Kyzyl and rang.

Why Canada, America knew, and our not know? In Tuva, there was not a seismic station. At first, there was no information to the public, we are specifically looking TV, waiting for her. Urban wire radio long closed. Would it be so expensive: to contain urban radio receiving station?

It was nice that the MOE responded and removed the planes with tents and humanitarian aid. Thank God that it was not necessary. It is necessary for the authorities to carefully thought out system alerts and warnings of how people act on.

For in the days continued to shake, but less. Now I listen all the time, and a handbag with passports and documents to the apartment now is always at the ready.

Marina Biche-Ool, deputy director

Science College of Economics and Law.

— Sudden onset of sharp shake. Went home shaking. I sat in the chair next to her husband, so right on Sholban fell. A fall in the sideboard glass shelf, and slay all crystal ware. It was so scary. A Sholban, so calm, walks in shorts. I called him to run out into the street, and he did not even dress.

And I ran. People were standing in the yard with serious faces. All worried that there was no action, alert the authorities. They were not even in the first hour, nor the fact that in the first few minutes.

Standing in the cold, people angrily said that the Chinese people have started to Tojo's, giving them the most beautiful and rich place, and assumed that a company "Lunsin" in Todzha district some underground explosions satisfied. People will destroy their land, that receive their just deserts. And life is so fragile.

Once it was so often to shake, then shocks are likely to be repeated. Well, that children — students and study away.

Vadim IVASCHENKO, pensioner:

— I was watching TV. And suddenly — a terrible roar. At first it seemed that the neighbor heating system burst, we have semi-detached house on the ground. My wife Alexandra Ivanovna run out into the street did not. Stood and listened, as the house is cracking. Creepy. Came home shaking. Had such a fear. And in addition — either on television or on the radio, there was no information.

Feared that the garage will fall high racks with spare parts for the car. But it did not fall, neither at home nor in the garage. Surprising.

How many years I live, such a strong earthquake was not. Something often began to shake.

Julius Galuska, Technician:

— I slept through the earthquake. Took a shower and went to sleep so soundly that he did not feel anything. We work around the clock in the home shop, often at night, drive up trucks, so accustomed to the noise outside the window.

Only in the morning my husband told me that, perhaps, there was an earthquake, once on the sideboard large, heavy watches walked shaking, swinging chandelier. And that doubt: maybe just having fun neighbors?

Anatoly Semibratov, Senior Master Service

automatic relaying of "Tyvaenergo":

— I'm out of the house did not. Decided what to leave? Bumps are usually about 20 — 30 seconds. I get dressed up in 30 seconds and do not have time to jump out. Very displeased. Then began to call friends and family. Experienced, as we asked. The main thing that Kyzylskaya CHP held, that the light has gone out in the city.

What have you learned the earthquake? But nothing. Predict earthquakes have not learned. To predict whether the new shocks, no one can. Do not be afraid of the same time.

Galina ANTIPIN, pensioner:

— It was scary, but there was no panic, as I have already had to survive a major earthquake. Many years ago, his family went to visit Ivan Yatinu in Chad. In the evening, my husband fell asleep, and we were sitting with the kids and playing cards. Heard the buzz began to grow stronger, as if the tractor passes by, the house started shaking badly.

Her husband woke up and sleepily said, "Why are you not open the door to Ivan?" He thought that knocking at the door so hard that the house is shaking. Only when ran into the street, I realized that this is the ground shakes.

This time lying on the couch, it was already too late. Feel — shock, recently often shakes. I think, again, I now have a little shaken. But then rattled dishes. But did not fall, but rather to the wall slid. Dropped from the cabinet ceramic jug, the books, which were loose, fell off the shelves. There was no laughing matter.

Ran son, he lives with his family in a nearby house, said, "Mom, let's go out soon." Dressed, but the documents did not even take it, for some reason decided that more violent impact will be. We sat in the car, and then went home.

Vyacheslav Kuular, Student:

— I live on the ninth floor. When an earthquake, was sitting at the computer. The walls are staggered so that all seemed about to collapse. In the next room fell picture. Immediately jumped up and took the dog in his arms, trying to get dressed. Mom left the room and screamed, "Get up in the aisle! Faster! "After the earthquake dressed, took the papers and began to descend.

Then, two hours later, went with her mother to the sport complex "Subedei 'home — on the ninth floor — it was terrible back: what if another push? When he returned home, he noticed that the wallpaper in the room went to pieces, and a few dishes pobilos.

Well, that quickly came MChSovskie planes with humanitarian aid, although, fortunately, it is not needed. It's a pity that there is no warning system, even the news about the earthquake in Tuva first posted on the Internet by the Americans.

Olga Kaverzina, road builder:

— At first I thought it was a draft, as were open window and the door to the loggia. She got up and closed the window and going, tired after work, go to bed. But then called her daughter and crying into the phone, said that she was scared — the earthquake, the husband does not allow to walk to walk down from the top floor for a long time. Yes, we must not only go down, but to run away from home to a safe distance. But where to go, if the terms of the house? So my husband and I are in the doorway bearing walls. I tried to calm her down. While talking, and all was quiet.

Anna Shmakovo, Accountant:

— We live on the top floor of the nine homes. We have a one year old daughter Ulyanochka. When she walks legs, she needed something to hold over. When holding on to her bed, she rides as cot on wheels, and in the earthquake, she remained with her husband for our double bed and this bed rock!

Only after a while I realized that it was not rocking the bed Juliana, and an earthquake. Grabbed his daughter in his arms and hugged her. Quickly got dressed, grabbed documents in the apartment and a car, did not even look for a passport, went down the stairs, got in the car and went for a long time in the city. The roads were very busy. It seems that everyone who has a car, we decided to wait out the earthquake in the car.

Artem Ondara, Student:

— I am in shock riding the bus and did not even understand. Approached the house, he saw that the yard is full of people. Surprised so late? I thought, "Maybe Christmas tree before the new year to open? Come, Father Christmas will be met. "

And then looked more closely: the woman in the home dressing gown convulsively car door opens, a man half naked, wrapped in a towel in the cold shakes, grandmother of the doomsday speech pushes all nazvanivayut each other, about the documents asked. Realized that something had happened. Went home, my mother and explained that there was an earthquake. Even somehow insulting was that all missed.

Source: Center of Asia

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