How we survived the second earthquake in Tuva


03.09.12. February 26 in Tuva was second in two months a strong earthquake. In contrast to the first major quake December 27, 2011, when the impact of elements found people in their homes at night — 23 hours 21 minutes, new shocks alarmed people in the afternoon — in 14 hours 17 minutes.

How we survived the second earthquake, what are the lessons learned? Their feelings, experiences, and personal conclusions shared with residents' Tsenrom Asia "in the course of the survey.

Svetlana TULUSH, at the National Museum of the Republic of Tuva, a graduate:

— February 26 earthquake in Kyzyl, I was in the regional department of the National Library named after Pushkin — engaged. Suddenly out of the ground there was a heavy rumble, began to shake the floor. We had more than a dozen people, all froze. Then one reader exclaimed, "Avai — Mom!" Without words realized that this earthquake.

People quickly began to run out of the room, and I panicked and ran after them. Librarians quickly dressed and mingled with the crowd.

Flashed the thought: old building, located on the second floor, and down is just one very steep stairs and narrow doors — and suddenly do not have time to run out?

In the narrow corridor hit me hard on the head and nearly knocked down abruptly opened the door. Moved in the crowd wanted to run fast, but did not, there were many people. The stairs were very neat, on the ground floor was a crowd, where people began to settle down, because the exit is near. Briefly turn off the lights, it's disturbing, but cloakroom worked, people dressed, although some would like first to jump out on the street without clothes, and organized out on the street.

When already dressed, remembered that gave passport as collateral for the book, along with the librarian had to climb to the second floor.

Got in the car and decided to go after my son to kindergarten, but could not start it. I wanted to ask my husband what was going on, but did not reach him, there was no communication megaphone. It turned out that the steering wheel is locked fifteen minutes to pull it and somehow started the car. Ran into the garden, took her son.

Compared to the first earthquake was nervous anymore. The first was the night, unexpected, but there was a husband and a child. February 26 did not know where they are, what's going on in the garden, not to her husband phoned. Experienced no more experiences about the earthquake, but from anxiety: What about them?

After the first shock in December to collect the necessary things — just in case. The next day, after calming down, open the bag and see that it did not really collect: only put two warm pants and blouses son.

In order to know how to act in such situations, the internet has made the search query: the earthquake. Look, what to do, what are the types of earthquakes, what the implications are. But this is not very helpful. Judging by the way I was frightened and confused for a second time, an earthquake — it's not something you can get used to anything, from which you can run away, hide, cheat or outwit — to natural shocks people powerless.

After these events, especially the more you start to appreciate life, my family. Before seeing on TV that somewhere the case of natural disasters, I thought, "Well, to us it just will not come." Life has shown the opposite: we must be prepared for anything.

Galina Salchak, kuhrabotnitsa, villager Saryg-Sep:

— I lay on the bed, went to the house of my sister, granddaughter walking in the street. Suddenly the bed stirred, shook the wall, it was clear — the earthquake. Immediately, without dressing, ran into the yard. My old house was staggering, went rumble shook the earth.

Three minutes later the tremors stopped, we went back into the house. It turned out that the floor sank and kept only on the two side struts. Props scattered floor even after the first earthquake, my sister and I replaced them with conventional boards. Like the first time, the stove covered with cracks. But then they were few, and now almost everyone. Again slipped her clay.

In the first earthquake in December was terrible, it was night, turn off the lights, cracked interior walls. In a panic, trying to put on, tripped over a chair and fell, hurt his leg. Sister woke granddaughter started crying, and then there was light. We quickly got dressed and were at home in the cold half hour. Called sons and sister, all waiting for aftershocks.

At 4:00 went to work in the kitchen, her sister and her granddaughter went to another sister, and they went to morning drive through the field.

Tremors continue to this day, I feel like the evening and night shakes, and the day I do not notice. Since the first earthquake scared to sleep, feeling sick, heart aches, pressure jumps. I am afraid that from another strong push my house would collapse. In the administration of the assistance did not apply because the villagers have complained that it is useless, some statements generally lost. To me with the check did not come. Who gets help, I do not know.

Nicholas GOLODIN, senior district police:

— Earthquakes took me home, he came to dinner. I live in a semi-detached house in the far Kaa-Heme, next had a wife, child, mother-in-law, grandfather.

There was a buzz began to shake the furniture, dishes, refrigerator and chandelier swayed. Once everyone realized that an earthquake. The rooms we turned off all electrical appliances, so that, God forbid, there was a fire, because the house — wood. Because in our area are often voltage drops, we had agreed: every household turns off all in the room where he was.

Dressed quickly, helped dress his grandfather, and went outside, stood for five minutes and went back. Feared that the old brick kiln collapsed, but she survived, only small cracks appeared.

Returned to work, 15 hours and 20 minutes, the police department took the collection, staff gave command for distributed objects, which will be evacuation center. To me, the staff and the PDN DAEC got school № 11 of Kyzyl, we went there. Chief evacuation center reported that the school can spend the night there mattresses, began to organize food.

The people in the evacuation center did not go, there was no panic. Came only one woman said she lived alone on the second floor of an old wooden house and is afraid to stay there. She put in a special room, where she was reading a book.

Were on duty at the school until nine o'clock at night, constantly reported to the authorities about the situation. At night, too, went to school, check. But besides the woman no one else came, and she spent the night at the school.

At the time of the first earthquake was scary, strange, the second time it was calmer. The disaster taught me not to panic, try to reassure others.

A disturbing suitcase, like a police officer, I have at home is always at the ready. In it — towels, razors, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, flashlight, extra batteries, a map of Tuva, a pen, a notebook, a pencil, an officer's ruler, compass, cup, spoon, food for three days — canned food, bread, sugar, tea . Passport of family members, documents at home kept in a visible place so always at hand.

Eugene Dobryakova, a psychologist by training, temporarily unemployed:

— I walked down the street toward the house Kochetova life and felt nothing. Then I called the number MTS mother: "Earthquake, come out of the apartment!" Answer, that I was not at home and on the street. But, she was in a panic, many times repeated, "get out" and did not hear me.

Saw panic actions of people: they quickly left the public amenities, some hurriedly climbed into the minibus. All were holding mobile phone and tried to call. I'm home in the evening, and I live in the Tower on the fifth floor, a few times felt little short-lived shocks. Noticed it on wobble chairs and chandeliers.

I read a lot of expressions of anxiety sensations, fear about earthquakes experienced in the pages of social networking, I think that people are too afraid of everything.

I realized that it is safer to live in a private home than in a high-rise. December 27 was a case: my girlfriend lives in the Southern district of the ninth floor, there was shaking so hard that people were falling, and furniture. She has two children — six months and five years — down the stairs to the street.

People were running down, pushing each other. One man pushed her friend so that she nearly fell with the baby in her arms. He ran on, and she was in shock. After all, as a man he could help her, took a child in his arms, and he took such rudeness.

Andrew leaflets, director Golevskoy mining company:

— I was at the club Toora-Khem village, where there was a meeting of representatives of industrial companies, the government of the Republic of Tuva with herders. The hall was packed with people even standing in the aisles.

During the speech Sholban Valerievich Kara-ool strongly and suddenly jolted. I am scared people too: rose, then sat down. The Prime Minister said that during the earthquake to get up against the wall, so safer. I, and those who were close to the walls, stood up to them, but there was not enough space. Several people jumped at the entrance to the street.

Then he calmed down, he pulled himself together and called his wife to Kyzyl, communications operator MTS worked. When it became clear that it's all right, just calm down. After 10 minutes, Kara-ool invited all those present to the festival "nomadic Todzha" dedicated to the ninetieth Todzha area, and we went out into the street.

Since I am an optimist in life, I had a light, happy memories of the experience adventure. Realized that building the processing plant and other housing companies have to build earthquake-resistant to at least nine points.

Sabine Sobirov schoolgirl 5 'in' school number 1:

— I was sitting at home with a two-year and seven-year old brother sister. Suddenly, in the apartment, but we live on the fifth floor of a house, wardrobe and TV trembled, shook the floor.

Was scared because I was alone, without an adult. But I knew that everyone should immediately go out of the apartment, so the first thing cried little brother, that he quickly put on his coat and ran out into the street. She ran to the sister, wore her boots, coat, hat. Put on a jacket, put his feet into his boots, took his little sister in his arms and went to the door.

Just then my uncle came, then my mother, aunt, grandmother. We went out, got into the car and drove to the right bank to the grandmother — in a private home.

The lesson for me — you have to be always on the alert and not to panic, that would not happen. And do not say in advance that the earthquake will be.

Evdokia CHYDYM specialist archive:

— I was in the central mail facility on the second floor. A woman with whom I spoke noted that the staggered flowers on the wall, then I felt a little loose. She said the earthquake.

We came out of the department, people gathered, dressed without fuss, quietly left the building. Stood beside the building, talking, some laughing, all called children, relatives. I have a number of Megafon, could not get through to his son, to see what their grandchildren. After 15 minutes, there was communication, found that grandchildren are on the street with her mother. I calmed down after half an hour had gone back to the same building.

And during the first earthquake, I woke up because the doors were loose, heard a strange noise, I thought — bullies behave disgracefully. Our apartment is on the fourth floor in the Tower. Went on to the landing, the neighbor said that was an earthquake. My husband and I went out into the street and called the children standing next to neighbors tried to get through to the MOE, but to no avail. Women went out with handbags on their lead went into the apartment and took the papers.

We now live as they have lived, according to the principle: "What will be, will not escape."

Sandy Ondara, choreographer:

— February 26, I change shoes in the methodical study on the third floor of an elementary school lyceum № 15. Just finished the first lesson of the second shift was a change. Suddenly the door creaked, he heard noises. Realized that it was an earthquake. Was scared, because there were children. I and fellow choreographer Lyubov Syukterek quickly left the office. Ran up to us girls from the fourth grade with frightened faces, one of them cried.

We gathered all the children who were close by, including the first-graders, who rose to the teacher on the stairs, and placed in the doorway. There also stood teacher technicals. 12 people close to each other stood in the doorway until the vibrations. It is good that a new primary school building and doorways in it wide enough. We Lyubov stood next to the children in the hallway, as well as places in the opening was gone.

When the tremors subsided, came down and went to the playground before school. There already, building classes, stood and waited for the parents of other teachers. Every teacher and the child was trying to call someone. Parents of children immediately dismantled. I called my daughters and took one of the choreographic school, and the other was already home.

December 27 was different, I was awakened by a spouse, I panicked because I did not know what to do. Called relatives, they spent the night in our private home, with experienced, waiting messages on TV. February 26, I already knew how to act. After the first earthquake in Yandex search query typed "First, for the period of the earthquake," read everything, including the comments of witnesses. Children also know what to do, which surprised me. They walked to the doorway, we did everything in silence.

Worried that the earthquake affected the youngest daughter, her three years. Hearing the noise — crying at night, twice calling us out. Maybe it's we, the adults, startling her wrong actions: harsh words, hurriedly dressing? I think the correct young children to submit such a situation as a game.

Aria Dongak, accountant:

— I was in a women's clinic in the street Chuldum, 42. Undressed and went down the hall and saw a pregnant woman was seated swing from side to side. Guess that is the earthquake.

Head left and said loudly, "Fast all out!" Women stood without clothes and ran for the exit. Doctors and nurses left the room, drew patients. In the narrow corridor at the entrance was pandemonium was crowded, pregnant with difficulty squeezed forward.

I ran out without clothes and hats on the street, began to call her husband, her sister, but could not get through, the link was not working megaphone. Frozen and returned five minutes later for clothes. I went to the reception office is closed. Asked whether the work, I said, waiting for orders. After 15 minutes, my husband came with me, he knew where I was. We had lunch in the cafe at the store, "Baby." When we returned to the consultation, I was told that the reception will be. Like the first time, did not return to his apartment in an apartment building. We spent the night with her sister in a private home in the East.

Now lying in the hospital, after the earthquake, probably because of unrest, just gave birth to more than a dozen women.

In my life, nothing has changed, because nothing was destroyed, just jerks. I do not believe that there will be destruction.

Love Bosenko, veteran TV "Tuva":

— Already the day before a strong push February 26 feel bad headaches and heart increased shortness of breath, the same symptoms have been neighbors. Apparently, the elderly and sick people are living barometers. All these days I feel like trembling under my bed, the earth breathes.

I live alone on the fourth floor of a brick building at the National Museum. I can walk only with the help of a special wheelchair. When under my bed shaking came, dropped from bedside lamp, swaying flowers on the window sill and the chandelier, opened the closet door, cracked window openings — was terrible, a shock, confusion. Realized it was an earthquake.

There and then I got a call on a home phone grandson, I asked. Said that the fear I do not know where to go. He promised to come. Got out of bed, gathered passport, work book, money, some warm clothes. She went to the door, opened it and stood in the doorway. Saw neighbors running down, wrapped babies in blankets.

When the vibrations stopped, looked out the window, people were at the house. Five minutes after the tremors grandson came and insisted that went with him to the stone house on the Komsomol. It was the first time, pushing it felt a lot less.

February 27 I received a call from the niece Tandinskogo area and said that the whole district center — the village of Bay-Khaak — on their feet are rumors that there will be a powerful impetus. At the same time, there was information on the TV "Tuva": Do not believe the rumors, not to panic and to stay in place. So I calmed her niece, who asked not to panic.

Many rumors. My grandson — programmer, said that a lot of information on the Internet, almost on the upcoming apocalypse. Judging by the reaction of my neighbors, for the faint of heart, these rumors are painful. Such people need help of psychologists.

And one was the conclusion of the incident. I was waiting for a helping hand from his neighbors, hoping that someone comes, ask about what happened to me, calm down — this is the most simple rule for those who care. But understand: in this stop people focus only on themselves and their loved ones, not thinking about the people living nearby.

The survey conducted by Valery CAS, Ph.D.

Source: The newspaper "Center of Asia"

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