Humanoids on Beshtay




Clear day Sinitcin resident Boris Lermontov, his wife Tatiana and some friends vacationing at the hot sulfur springs at Mount Beshtay, near the sec-male Mount Athos monastery. Suddenly they noticed three figures standing about four hundred meters up the slope of the mountain.

The figures were about two meters tall yellow, silver and blue. They stood still, and from them came a little noticeable glow.

— No surprise, no fear at the moment we have not experienced — says Boris. — For some reason, immediately realized that it was aliens. Too unusual was their appearance and behavior. Aliens in the truest sense of looking at people from above, as if watching them. And then did not go, did not fly away, and simply vanished into thin air.

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Great-grandson of the Archbishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkaz Alexis, Boris Sinitsyn reluctantly talks about what he saw. He did not want something to convince or dissuade. The fact that the company has witnessed a phenomenon clearly extraterrestrial origin, confidently says Pyatigorsk ufologist Stanislav Donets.

— The aliens — it is a reality they are visiting Earth. One of the permanent "bases" of space around a CMS is a mountain Beshtay. And it is no coincidence aliens appeared near the monastery. Because monasteries were built in places of "open space and saturated positive energy."

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The prior sec-monastery on Mount Athos Beshtay father Silvanus the opposite opinion. The doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church has no place aliens from other galaxies. But Father Silvanus did not deny the ancient philosophical position that says, "what is not, can not be invented."

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Head of the Department of Physics of Pyatigorsk University of Technology Professor Andrew Chernobabov:

— As a scientist, I tend to trust only the facts found as a result of scientific research.

And suddenly admits that he once saw a UFO in the sky!


"North Caucasus", 16.12.2003, Nalchik, n50, p.20
Author: Vasily Khoprov
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