Hundreds of bloody giant stingrays washed up on the beach of Gaza

Gaza mjortvye gigantskie skaty (1)

March 1, 2013. Hundreds of bloody giant stingray washed up on beach Gaza. Scientists are trying to figure out what caused the death of fish and fishermen, meanwhile, collect carcasses and transported to the local market.

Mobula ramps, which have been finding on the banks of the inhabitants of Gaza, did not appear in the Palestinian coastal enclave over the past six years. All the more surprising was their mass death in this region.

What was the cause of the incident, will still find marine biologists. While they are at a loss, writes The Daily Mail. According to the specialist for skates at the California College of Santa Rose Bob Rubin, it has long been watching stingrays Mobula, who live in large numbers in the Gulf of Mexico, but still have never seen a case of mass death.

According to the scientist, there is a physical effect. Almost all the waste of beach the animals were covered with blood. Perhaps they were fighting against the rocks or boats. However, according to experts, it is too early to draw any conclusions. Still have to examine the contents of stomachs rays and other laboratory to conduct tests.

"Big underwater noise or electrical signals could possibly cause a state of disorientation, but that's just a guess on my part," — said Rubin.

Who was on hand mysterious death rays, so it is the fishermen of Gaza. They collect the fish on the beach, cut up and transported to the local market. It is obvious that they will be able to earn good money. A kilo of meat skate at the local market is worth about 10 shekels (about 2.6 dollars). And the weight of some specimens can reach up to 80 kg.

In buyers from sellers, obviously, will be no shortage. Palestinians consider the stingray meat is incredibly useful, especially for children, reports The Jewish Press.

Stingrays Mobula — Immediate family "sea devils" mantle. The magnitude they are only slightly inferior to their more famous relatives.

Gaza mjortvye gigantskie skaty (5)

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Source: NTV

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