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24.01.12.Uragany in the south killed two residents of Alabama, about 100 people were travmy.Silnye storms attacked the southern regions of the United States on Monday. The storm swept across from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, threatening tornado.

The most affected village of Oak Grove near the largest city of Alabama — Birmingham. The wind tore the glass of the cars, tore roofs off houses, completely bore flimsy wooden buildings.

— Rescuers went into the house, screaming people, checked, was not blocked anyone. As a result, 200 people complained of various injuries. Two died. This 82-year old native of Oak Grove and a 16-year-old resident of Clay — said police spokesman Randy Christian of Jefferson County.
— I felt the walls shake, like something fell. Then all was silent, and I saw a tree crashed onto the roof of my sister — says Steve Sanders, a resident of Clay, located in the vicinity of Birmingham. — My parents and my sister all the time hiding in the laundry room in our house, and prayed that it was over.

Because of the debris of houses and fallen trees, many roads are now impassable.

Oak Grove is not the first time becomes a victim of the disaster. In April, a tornado killed 240 people here.

Anton Stepanov

Source: Life News Online, AssociatedPress, WPTVnews

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