Hurricane of Yekaterinburg. Video


22.05.12.Silny hurricane hit Yekaterinburg. Gusts of wind tore down a sheet structures, which killed builder. Wind power can be assessed by how easily at the height of the twelve houses circled mats and pieces of foam.

Storm covered the city without a trace. What was a street Serova resembled heart of the storm. Of dust could be seen or neighboring houses or the park. Picture of the day on internet forums carried over directly from the screens metoeosluzhby Koltsovo. Storm front closes around Yekaterinburg.

And the repair and machine shop was blown away to one of the warehouses. The roof area of 12 000 000 square meters, first get up, and then hang on. Under the rubble left more than a dozen cars. All now with broken windows and dents. Only the case has saved from the victims. Motorists are now surviving count losses.

Debris around the warehouse now special rake. Every single citizen of today's flurry of impact can experience tomorrow. But dust and wind brought death in the Arctic front.

Source: 41 channel Yekaterinburg

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