Ice boulders rolled on shore of Lake Michigan

February 26, 2013. In Leelanau County (Leelanau County): A natural phenomenon of winter on the shores of Lake Michigan attracted the attention of people in the north of the state and across the country. In the Bay of Good Harbor (GoogleMap) On the shore of the lake were thrown hundreds of ice balls or boulders.

A resident of the town of Cedar Leda Olmstead came across these balls last Thursday, while walking the dog. Olmstead said she was surprised by their kin and took a few shots, which are then placed on page 7 & 4 News on Facebook are.

Leda said she was impressed by the subsequent reaction: "During the night scored 800 CENSUS photos and thousands of likes, I got a call from Good Morning America and the Weather Channel — he was still the weekend!"

Deputy Director of the National Park, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Tom Ulrich said, "Not that it was a rare phenomenon, it happens more often than once every ten years, but this time they are much more normal size. "

Ice balls on the coast Lake Michigan the size of a basketball and weigh about 20 kilograms.

Meteorologist of 7 & 4 Sharlevayk Joe (Joe Charlevoix) explained how there are such balls: "The water temperature in the lake Michigan just below the freezing point, the water there are small pieces of ice and a progressive-return motion of waves on these pieces grow new layers of ice. They are becoming more and more and in the end turn out healthy balls that are pushed to the shore by the wind. "

On the coasts in northern Michigan so you can see the similar natural phenomenon — ice pancakes.

To get an idea of how difficult these balls, you can see the bad shots reportage Kate Fox from 7 & 4 below for details.


Ledjanye shary na beregu Michigana (2)

Ledjanye shary na beregu Michigana (1)

Ledjanye shary na beregu Michigana (3)

Translation: Anastasia Antoshkina
Source: Up North Live


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