Ice jams in Michigan

Ledjanye zatory v shtate Michigan 1

January 31, 2013. Congestion of ice blocks on the Muskegon River in Michigan, caused flooding in towns which have resulted in damaged homes of local residents. Luckily the people were not injured.

People who live in close proximity to the river, were evacuated yesterday. Among the evacuees were two elderly women who were hiding from the rising water on the second floor.

Mike Entszer, who has lived here for 26 years, said that he had never seen such a flood, like what happened on Wednesday.

— I did not think I would see one day is when I come to your house.

"When I got to my home, the water just was not far from my door, 3 hours later she was at the entrance. Luckily I managed to take out all the furniture in the garage, "- he said. He added that he was one of the lucky few, as the home of his neighbors now flooded with water.

— They came home and caught their homes by about a meter flooded with water, and their dogs had to seek refuge on the furniture, trying to survive.

Congestion on the river, were caused by the temperature increase as a result of which the ice has melted and moved down on the river, eventually creating congestion, reminiscent of "ice dam."

"In this region, often happen like ice dams, but usually they are very small in size and continue for long," — said the National Weather Service.

According to witnesses, the ice moving down the river, destroying everything in its path, including the destroyed several wooden docks.

"I saw chunks of ice the size of this truck, and it was incredible," — said the local Kurt Veersma.

Ledjanye zatory v shtate Michigan 2

Source: Rage Of Nature

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