Implants (arthroplasty breast implants)

Implants (arthroplasty breast implants).  Photo from

The first step on the road to success

To predict the outcome of joint replacement, require individual consultation with a plastic surgeon. Only he can tell what measures to take to avoid any complications in the postoperative period. In addition, the expert determine exactly what form of implant is needed for you. But in spite of the different forms of implants is not always possible to achieve absolute perfection.

During the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, a small skin incision around the areola, under the breast or in the armpit. The cuts are not chosen by chance — in these zones marks from operations will be invisible. Under the control of optical engineering arthroplasty surgeon places under the pectoral muscle, where it is not in contact with the tissues of the mammary glands.

In the early days after operations woman experiences a slight feeling of heaviness in the chest. Then skin gradually stretched — and discomfort disappear. Because of postoperative edema, individual characteristics of the first 5-7 days chest may appear larger than it was planned from the beginning. This is normal. Get rid of the swelling will help special clothes and medicines. The final result will be visible after about 2 months, when not only the swelling subsides, but the scars will heal.

To more accurately assess the effect obtained from mammoplasty, were photographed before andafter operation. The aesthetic results are usually impress a woman, as a rule, it has even increased self-esteem and overall tone.

What would have to sacrifice?

After the replacement of the favorite sports — tennis, volleyball, swimming — and any other loads on the shoulder girdle muscles have to temporarily give up (about 4-6 weeks).

In the first 2 months after operations also can not use the sauna. After this period, the ban is canceled, but try to only go to a steam room where the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees.

Within 6 months after mammoplasty doctors strongly recommend pregnant. Breastfeeding is not contraindicated, but may need to look more carefully at the nipples.

Implants will be successful if you follow the following guidelines:

  • Discard the hormonal contraceptives for 2 weeks prior to surgery.
  • During the 10 days prior to surgery do not take products containing salicylates (aspirin, Alka-Seltzer, etc.).
  • Quit smoking for a week before surgery. Nicotine affects the blood flow to the skin and joints long time to heal.
  • After increasing the plasticity within 1-2 months wear a special bra, which must be purchased in advance.
  • It is undesirable to do mammoplasty during the year after breastfeeding.

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