Implementation of Innovative agrotechnopark AgroDagItaliya began in Dagestan

October 19 at the Sulak River Valley in the village. Glavsulak Babayurt district, on the site "Gubechaul", laid the first stone in the investment site of the project "Establishment and development of public private partnership Agrotechnopark" AgroDagItaliya "on the basis of Italian agromoduley in the Republic of Dagestan."

Power Mega poultry farm to be built under the project will be 50 thousand tons of meat and 650 million eggs a year. At full capacity the company will appear in 2014. Investment in the project is 227 million euros.

The project will be implemented jointly with leading companies in Northern Italy in the process of designing, developing technical documentation of the design, construction and operation of the poultry farm. The company plans to create 7,500 new jobs.

Prior to the ceremony for the presentation of the project. The event was presented a joint activity of the "project team" for technological design, engineering, development, construction documents, capital construction, commissioning and operation of the poultry farm, as well as the development of village industries and the corresponding mini-farm peasant farmsteads. The initiator of the project is the "Agro-Invest".

About 70% of the products produced at the poultry farm will be supplied to other countries, including the countries of the European Union. There are already signed preliminary agreements with companies from Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Poland, Luxembourg and other countries of interest in purchasing products. By calculations of the products manufactured at the poultry farm, will be almost 30% cheaper than similar products companies in Europe at current market prices, through the use of modern innovative technology and global best practices both in the construction of the complex, and in the process of production.

Poultry farm project in Dagestan is innovative not only in Russian but also international standards. As part of the project for the first time in the practice of global production system will be applied technology with a high level of computerization (92%) and robotic manufacturing processes (82%). To date, the Russian poultry farm level robotics is 16%, and in the world — 28%.

Thus, for the first time in world poultry system technology being developed deep processing of all types of waste in industrial production: biogas, synthetic diesel fuel carbon. This processing will fully meet the company with all the necessary resources, electricity and feed. Using the latest developments will reduce the capital investment in the project to 44%.

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